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What the Children Wore

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What H-Bear Wore // Alice in Wonderland style from Mamas + Papas

The Mamas + Papas’ new Alice in Wonderland collection is a big hit with me; I’m not usually a fan of character clothing, but Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favourite Disney films, and after playing Tweedle Dee in the stage version at University I’ve loved it even more. Mamas + Papas have created a subtle, fun range, and there are quite a few pieces I’m ogling after for our baby bear. H-Bear was sent the most adorable White Rabbit sleepsuit and hat from the  ...

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Busby, Children's Fashion, Indy, Review

What Busby and Indy Wore // Zazzle

At the end of last week we received a few exciting parcels from the lovely folk at Zazzle. I’m going to write a more in-depth “getting organised” post next week, once I’ve, um, gotten organised, but I have to share the amazing t-shirts that arrived before, because I might burst otherwise… Regular readers will know how much I love twinning my two; they can’t really complain at the moment, and Busby (the only bear that can talk) loves wearing the same thing  ...

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