So you’re going to be a Mutti…

A little about me
My name is Hannah, I’m 25 and I’m currently living in the eclectic hub that is Brighton. On 10th April 2012 I found out that I was going to be a Mutti for the first time.
“Wait! Stop! Why Mutti?!”
Mutti is German for Mummy; I first started learning German in Year 7 (many, many years ago), by which point “Mummy” was starting to sound rather uncool to all my peers, so thus Mutti was born!  
“Why not call her Mum??” I hear you cry…well, she didn’t really like it, and me being me, decided to go with something a bit more unusual. And I digress.
So 10th April 2012…my period is late for a second month running and I’m not sleeping! I quickly Google: “insomnia…”, helpful Google pops up with “…in pregnancy”
This is followed by:
Test 1 (that morning at work…because we have plastic cups): “No way. No way! No Nick, it’s definitely a false-positive – I’ll do another one to make sure”,
Test 2 (at lunchtime, at home): “I’m sure it’s possible to have two false-positives…I’ll do another one later on in the week first thing in the morning, as I hear that’s the best time to take a test.”
Test 3 (slightly later in the week): “I’m sure it’s possible to have three false-positives. I’ll go to the doctor on Monday to make sure.” The doctor told me that three positive tests definitely meant I was pregnant and refused to do another!
So three pregnancy tests later…I am with child! Hoorah! Wow! Argh! Terror! Excitement! Shock! We were incredibly surprised as I was in the process of trialling different treatments for my endometriosis, which had been a long, arduous and distressing period of time, so you can imagine our elation in discovering that we were going to be parents! I had totally and utterly convinced myself that I was never going to be a Mutti!
My pregnancy hasn’t been too horrific on the whole so far *touches wood* I’ll talk about the ups and downs in various other posts I’m sure, but compared to other horror stories I’ve heard, I think I’ve generally had it quite easy *touches wood*! At our 12 week scan we found out that the baby was due on 12th December 2012 (12.12.12), which has made me determined to give birth on this date (at 12.12pm, if possible) due to the following reasons:
1. No future husband (or wife!) will ever forget her birthday! 
2. What a great date of birth! 
3. We might make it into the Argus, which would be hilarious. 
At our 20 week scan we found out that we’re having a very awkward, squirmy but perfect little girl, which was a surprise for me as I thought we were having a boy! My fiancé Nick and I call her Grape due to his family nicknames for us; Cheese and Pickle (I’m a cheese addict and Pickle goes way back to when Nick was a baby)…but that’s probably too much of an insight into our bizarre world!
“Grape” at the 20 week scan
I’m now 28 weeks and getting bigger by the day. I’ve started making some bunting for her room, which is very cute and exciting, and I’m getting a bit obsessed with buying baby clothes and baby “stuff”!
In this blog I’m hoping to make you laugh (or at least put a smile on your face) with some of my anecdotes! I also hope that in a roundabout way I’ll be able to reassure you whilst you’re going through pregnancy and beyond, and we can all muddle through this together! Please feel free to tweet/follow me on Twitter (@theREALjeevesy) or comment below.
Thanks for reading!
Until the next time…

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