Thrifty Mutti-to-be: Shopping for Maternity Clothes

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I’m starting to reach that point in pregnancy where there’s no way my clothes-of-days-past will fit over my ever-growing Bump. I’ve been making them stretch for a good few weeks now, but I can’t bury my head in the sand for much longer. Turning up at work in a too small t-shirt with Bump out for everyone to see is not an option (plus I imagine I’d get a rather cold tummy). I’ve even threatened Nick that once I reach 36 weeks I’ll be heading to work in a bin bag, as that will be the only thing that fits. I could accessorise it with a nice above-the-Bump belt, tights, cardigan and boots? I’ve heard the “leather look” is in this season.
We all know this growth is to be expected, but it’s quite frustrating at a time when you’re spending all your disposable income (plus) on baby preparation; a time when finding the spare cash to buy oneself something nice isn’t entirely viable. Maternity wear isn’t cheap either considering you only wear it for a few months! I’m generally quite a savvy shopper, and love a good bargain so have made good use of sales, but now winter is drawing in I’m finding it difficult to find anything “appropriate” to wear to work that isn’t over £30… even maternity tights are averaging at £8 for one pair; plus they don’t last long at all – after one comfortable wear I’m now having to “superman” mine whenever I wear them so they don’t fall down! How I long for my Primarche 3 pairs of 60 denier for £3 once more…
There have been a few shops that have impressed me with their maternity ranges:
New Look – loving their maternity jeans! Very comfortable and not expensive at all (£18). I’m planning on keeping them for after I give birth for the sole purpose of “all you can eat” evenings. I’ve also been really impressed with their basic maternity t-shirts that average between £5.99-£7.99. Actually, I’ve been impressed with the whole New Look maternity range – they seem to understand what being pregnant does to your body.
Next – again their maternity jeans are very comfortable and I even fit into a pair that are my “before Bump” size. I got my jeans in the sale for £14 which I feel is reasonable.
Mothercare – I’ve got some great things in the Mothercare Maternity wear sale – including a dress for £10 that I have lived in since hitting 16 weeks. 
The one shop I have not been impressed with at all:
H&M – I have been so unimpressed by their maternity range that I sent them an email! I don’t think they understand what being pregnant does to your body. Weirdly the “L” in the non-pregnant ladies section fits me perfectly – whereas the “XL” in the maternity section barely covers my chest. Ridiculous.
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Today I awoke to the sound of rain trying to break in through the skylight and experienced a light-bulb moment! EBAY! Oh eBay, why did I not think of you before?! I generally try to keep myself away from the joyful, bargain-hunting of eBay because I love winning and obviously winning on eBay means buying…but I figured that I had nothing to lose just looking. Famous last words – within 10 minutes I had a watch list consisting of about 20 items…Jojo Maman Bebe dress: £0.99! (Usually £30-40) Red Herring Maternity t-shirt: £0.99! (Usually £15-25) New Look Maternity wrap-dress BNWT: £0.99! (Usually £18-30) Amazing! There is also a plethora of baby clothes (many in bundles) from around £0.99 starting bid. So far I have won a Jojo Maman Bebe dress for £2.19 – not bad as it’s smart enough to wear to work, and will look wonderful with a pair of winter boots. I’m also currently bidding on a Next Maternity wrap dress (usually £30-40), which is currently at £0.99! 
So pregnant ladies who are in need of maternity wear but don’t want to break the bank on clothes you’ll only wear for a few months; my advice to you is check out eBay for a bargain, but be careful not to get too carried away! We’re being thrifty remember! 
My leg cramp has gone *hoorah* so the key to curing all day leg cramp is: eat a banana, have a warm bath, ask your OH to massage the painful area, and go to bed with a hot water bottle on the area!  
“I am indeed a magical, healing banana!”
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I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and that the weather today hasn’t hindered it too much.

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