A Thought for Friday: Pregnancy, Parking and Public Transport

We were driving around looking for a parking space the other evening, it was after 8pm so all the spaces on our road had gone, which meant we had to travel far and wide to find a free space. I say all the spaces had gone; there were still disabled spaces. Lots of disabled spaces. I couldn’t help but wonder *Carrie Bradshaw moment* – whilst you’re pregnant you get free dental care and free prescriptions, but why don’t we get issued with a temporary “disabled” badge for parking (or equivalent)? We’re supposed to be able to sit in the priority seats on trains and buses; although actually getting one involves a fight to the death – especially in Brighton with the international students! (Why aren’t they taught bus etiquette??), but yet we have to waddle 10 minutes up a steep hill because there are no regular spaces available on the street we live on, squeeze in/out of a car in a tight parking space or push a heavy trolley across the car park because there were no spaces nearer to the supermarket entrance. I’m not being lazy – just realistic; I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and I can only imagine it gets tougher from now in terms of waddling and squeezing, as Bump keeps on growing until one reaches full term…and what about the Mutti’s expecting more than one baby?! I can’t imagine that’s fun for any of the parties involved!
Before anyone gets on their soapbox, I’m not suggesting pregnant ladies should be considered disabled – it would just be nice to be considered when it comes to “getting around”, as it’s quite a bit harder than it was before ones belly inflated and started carrying the weight of a melon inside it. Apparently, Boris has introduced “Baby on Board” badges for pregnant women to wear on the tube, which I think think is a fabulous idea…although whether commuters etc pay attention to these badges is another matter! I’d happily wear one of these on the bus so people didn’t think I’d just had a very big lunch.  
Boris’s Pregnancy Lady Badge
Image from here
However, returning to my original point – in terms of parking, perhaps the government should introduce a new “priority” parking space with a badge that encompasses disability, age and pregnancy?  (N.B. this would be in addition to the disabled spaces – I’m not suggesting the disabled spaces are taken over) Just a thought! 
Would you use a “priority” parking badge and space if you were given the option? Do you get pregnant public transport rage? What’s the worst experience you’ve had with parking or public transport whilst pregnant? Tweet me your thoughts or share your horror stories below.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. 19th October 2012 / 12:38 pm

    Completely agree with you, I don’t see why pregnant people shouldn’t be allowed to park in disabled spaces, especially in some parking areas where there always seems to be so many empty ones!

  2. 20th October 2012 / 9:17 am

    Amen sister! See I would be going against you and saying but they have disabilities for life where as we have it for 9months but someone I know recently has just got issued a permit to park in disabled spaces and she doesn’t even have a car and is bragging about it more then anything about how she gets to park pretty much anywhere! These people that judge us obviously have not tried getting out of a tight spot with a huge bump!!

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