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I’m off sick today – the cold that is going round has finally caught up with me. I’m not best pleased; my throat feels like it’s full of razor blades, and through a combination of waking up every time I swallowed and waking up on my back, I probably managed about 4 hours sleep in total last night. Why can’t people carry anti-bacterial gel and wipes in their bags for when they sneeze and cough in public? I do think that compulsory anti-bacterial gel dispensers (like the ones you find in hospitals) should be introduced onto public transport to lower germ spreading. Perhaps include a bleach-solution full body disinfect for the really unhygienic people? Too far? Yes probably… Anyway, Nick forbade me to go to work today, so here I am blogging to try and control the boredom that is being confined to a bed when you can’t sleep.
As the end of pregnancy is approaching swiftly we have started wondering and dreaming about what Bump will look like. Will she look more like one of us? What will she grow up to be?  Will she get the tall gene from my side of the family and tower over us as soon as puberty hits? (Please no! Teenage girl + imposing height = not a fun few years through the teens.) It’s all very exciting and highly speculative, but it’s nice to let the imagination run wild. I’m hoping she looks like a hobbit baby because hobbit babies are ridiculous cute. Also, with my brown eyes, Nick’s curly dirty-blonde locks and our combined shortness, she’s bound to rival any of Samwise Gamgee’s little critters! Nick thinks she’ll have my eyes and button nose, and probably his curly fly-away hair. 
Hobbit Child!
Image from here
We were discussing this in the pub a couple weeks ago with a friend and her sister (a psychologist). She was saying that babies tend to come out looking more like their Fathers so they have a better chance to bond with the baby (how very narcissistic!), whereas the Mother has had the whole 9 months to bond with Bump. Nick was very freaked out by this… I think he pictured cutting the cord and holding a little mini-him in his arms! 
Personality-wise, he’s hoping she’ll be science-y like him, whereas I’m hoping for creative like me. As Foodies, we both hope she isn’t a fussy eater! I am praying she loves cheese… And from what I can tell craving-wise she does already! Plus she hasn’t had the chance to experience the joys of brie and the other cheeses I haven’t been able to gorge on whilst being pregnant…just you wait little one – a magical world of cheese awaits you.
Around 9 weeks to go until I can eat this again…!
Image from here
But of course, whatever or whoever she turns out to be we will love her a stupid amount. I can’t wait to meet her and begin the long, but rewarding journey of getting to know our crazy, kicking, little (ever-growing) Bump!
The fever is making me sentimental, so I shall leave this post there before I gush anymore.
I hope your week is going well!

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