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I’ve gone over all Julie Andrews! I have decided that if I like this parenting malarkey, I might just become Mary Poppins. 

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I received my first Tesco Baby and Toddler Club magazine in the post today, which had a Top 10 “What mums’ love most about being pregnant” in with the coupons (got to love a freebie!). I have to say reading  through these I did feel concerned for the human race, so I thought I’d share these with you too.
Top 10 aspects of pregnancy*
1. Eating more (89%)
2. Exercising less (74%)
3. Feeling your baby move (71%)
4. Buying a new wardrobe (67%)
5. The general feeling of being pregnant (64%)
6. Being given seats on public transport (54%)
7. Having an excuse to lie-in (51%)
8. Your partner paying you extra special attention (46%)
9. Having an excuse not to socialise (38%)
10. Work colleagues giving you extra consideration (32%)
*(According to a study of 1,181 UK mothers by in July 2012)

Now, the thing that shocked me was that “Feeling your baby move” was not first! Sure, when a foot gets stuck in a rib it’s not the most pleasurable of sensations, but feeling that crazy little baby squirming away inside you is most definitely my number one favourite aspect of being pregnant! There’s nothing quite like it in the world, and as I’m nearing the end of pregnancy it’s definitely the thing I’m going to miss the most. It’s much better than being able to eat more, which you’re not really supposed to do anyway until you reach your third trimester – and even then it’s only an extra 200 calories a day…when you can’t fit any extra food in anyway because you have a large baby taking up the space!
Other quandaries that puzzled me:
“6. Being given seats on public transport” – I would like to go to the towns, cities and villages where this happens! I physically have to stick my large Bump out and stroke it on the bus to try and get a seat…and most of the time that doesn’t work.
“9. Having an excuse not to socialise” – bit sad… If anything we’ve become more social because all our friends have gone into “we need to see you before you have a baby and your life changes forever” mode!

My favourite things about being pregnant:
– Feeling the little monkey inside me squirming and moving – even at 3am in the morning when I’m trying to sleep. Honest!
– Watching my Bump grow in fascination from a flat stomach *cough* into a round belly
– Knowing that my Bump will one day be a cute, pudgy baby who cries a lot, but whom we shall love unconditionally
– Napping/Resting
– Extra cuddles and foot massages from Nick
– Not feeling that guilty for eating chocolate, cake or ice cream

What was/is your favourite thing about being pregnant? Can you relate to the Tesco Top 10? Comment below or tweet me!

I’m feeling rather achy and grumpy this evening after having my whooping cough and flu jabs today – looking forward to a long soak in the bath! I am very happy though, as I only have 19 days left at work until my maternity leave starts! 
I hope your Monday has gone well.

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