We could be nesting…nesting…nestiiiing!

When reading the title of this post please think of the Lighthouse Family’s hit “Lifted” and you will have an idea of what has been on repeat in my brain for most of this weekend (but with the replacement “nesting” lyrics, of course). Well, that and the Thunderbirds theme tune; incidentally the Thunderbirds theme tune is great motivational working music, especially when solving bobbin-threading mysteries. 

Yes, I have gone slightly loopy this weekend. I have spent the majority of it in my craft room, with my sewing machine, because I have gone into nesting mode! Nesting mode is pretty frustrating when you can’t nest…we don’t move into our new house until 24th November, so until then I am left in nesting-limbo…floating along with my sewing machine and the many ideas I have for Bump’s nursery. This weekend we (I) decided that the theme for Grape’s nursery would be woodland…think squirrels, rabbits, foxes, deer, toadstools. You get the idea. The inspiration hit me in Tiger, which is an awesome shop in Brighton – like IKEA and Poundland merged into one but ten times better (well, maybe not as good as IKEA as there are no meatballs).  I found some toadstool fairy-lights for £4, a toadstool nightlight for £2, and some mega cute felt deer for £1 each! Once inspiration hit I haven’t really stopped designing all weekend… I’ve made a Pininterest board with some ideas: Woodland Nursery Ideas and I’ve been busy crafting away! 

On Saturday, I made Grape her first Christmas stocking, which I’m really happy with! I found some vintage-style holly fabric in Fabricland on Friday: I made a template, hand-appliquéd my felt robin onto the stocking, along with some sequins on some of the berries to make it a bit more sparkly! It’s even lined with a very Christmassy stripe material. 

Grape’s first stocking
Bit closer…
Red robin!

Today, I made some woodland themed bunting for her nursery. I started this ages ago when I didn’t have a theme in mind, so had to take out some of the less woodland-y triangles (lobster…) but again I’m rather happy with the results. 

Woodland Bunting
Woodland creatures
Rabbits and hedgehogs

So thus concludes my weekend of nesting; I can’t wait until we get into the new house and can put up her cot, and make everything beautiful and magical for her. I’m also very much looking forward to starting Maternity leave in four weeks, and intend to do lots of crafting before and after she arrives (wishful thinking)!

In other pregnancy news – my feet have started to swell *boo* I thought I had escaped this pregnancy ailment being almost 34 weeks and previously of usual foot-size, but sadly not…and boy does it hurt! If anyone can suggest alternative ways of relieving the swelling and pain I would be most grateful! 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and that the start of the week isn’t too bad! 


  1. 5th April 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Well done with the bunting, you have great taste. I love the woodland theme x

    • 6th April 2013 / 9:00 pm

      Thanks 🙂 it’s so bizarre reading back old posts! xx

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