37 weeks? Time to relax?! Maybe.

Today is my last day at work for 9 months. I had a bit of a freak-out last night, as this structure and daily routine of getting up for a job is all I’ve known since graduating, and now to have this “freedom” (I know, I know, I won’t be free for long – but you know what I mean) is quite daunting. What did I do in my spare time at university? Rehearse…get drunk…perform…get drunk…write…get drunk…watch Neighbours. Getting drunk and signing myself up to the local drama society probably isn’t the best idea at 37 weeks. 

Mary: An appropriate stage role for this time of year and my current situation… 
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I’m looking forward to nesting properly; we’re moving on Saturday. I say we… I mean Nick, his fabulous friend Tom and the wonderfully kind in-laws are moving us. I have been banished. Quite literally. My Mutti is coming to pick me up on Friday night and has been asked to entertain me. I’ve been told I’m not allowed back until everything has been moved. Not great for a control freak like me, but appropriate action because I would inevitably help, do too much, and then have to spend most of next week in bed horrifically bored. At least this way I can work on my woodland mobile at my Mutti’s, have some quality time with her before Grape arrives, and attempt to put up my feet without worrying too much  that everything isn’t going to plan (I’m still going to worry – it’s my nature). It also means that I’ll be well enough to set up the nursery in my own time next week, hang up my bunting, continue making the various woodland-themed projects for her room and also start making the house look Christmassy. 

Keep an eye out for my crafty posts over the coming weeks – unless she arrives early, in which case I’ll have a very cute baby girl to write about. It’s a win-win situation really! 

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