A well-moisturised Bump is a happy Bump

The best piece of advice my Mutti has given me so far in pregnancy is “start moisturising your Bump now” – and that was at 5 weeks when I found out I was expecting. Thus far my skin has not developed a single stretch mark *touches wood quickly* and being 35 weeks pregnant, I’d say I’ve got quite a big Bump!

Today I thought I’d write about the various lotions and potions that I’ve used during pregnancy, in case you’re currently looking for a Bump cream to soothe your stretching skin. So let’s start at the very beginning, as I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start (thank you Julie Andrews). 
Bio Oil
As soon as I found out as I was “with Grape” I started using Bio Oil as Nick had some left over from a hockey-related scar.
Smell: Yummy! 
Texture: Oily (what else do you expect from something with “oil” in the title?) but not in a horrible greasy way. 
Moisturising Rating: 8/10 
Overall: I liked Bio Oil a lot, but did think it was fairly pricey for how much you get. 

Baby Oil

After the Bio Oil supplies ran dry I started using baby oil at the advice of my Mutti. 
Smell: Of clean babies! Scrummy! 
Texture: Oily again, but I found this a lot more greasy than Bio Oil.
Moisturising Rating: 6/10 
It was great for a few weeks, however, I found it made my Bump itchy and flaky at around the 6 month mark. It’s very cheap though! 

Cussons Mum and Me Range

I thought I’d give this a go as was on special offer in Boots (and still is: 1/3 off!), so I bought the body lotion and the Bump stretch mark cream. 
Smell: Nice – although a little perfume-y
Texture: Creamy and cold! You’re in for a small shock when applying post-warm bath (although it might just be my flat) 
Moisturising Rating: 9/10
This has definitely been my favourite stretch-mark prevention product so far – especially the Bump cream. My only criticism would be that it leaves a slight residue on your skin. Not too expensive – especially whilst on special offer.
ASDA “Little Angels for Mum: Maternity Stretch Mark Oil”

I saw that one of the pregnant ladies in Pregnancy and Birth magazine the other day had recommended this, so thought I’d give it a go as was a bargain! 
Smell: Lovely – slightly coconutty
Texture: A little greasy again – similar to the Baby Oil
Moisturising Rating: 7/10
I’ve only used it a couple of times, but so far so good. Plus it’s a great price! 
What did you use to moisturise your Bump, or what are you currently using? Tweet me or comment below. 
It’s the weekend which is fabulous news! I only have 8 days left at work until Maternity Leave begins – I’m definitely looking forward to a bit of a rest before I enter the wilderness of Motherhood! 
Have a great weekend all!


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