Learning to Love My Bump: Taking it to the Next Level

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A few weeks ago you may remember I wrote a post entitled Learning to Love My Bump after I’d fretted so much about photos being taken at our engagement party, and how actually I was starting to feel happier with my changing body shape. Well Readers I have some news; it’s a little crazy, quite surreal and rather terrifying, but I’m taking the Bump-Love to the next level. No, I’m not doing a naked photo shoot (I’m not quite ready for that yet) but I am putting myself in a situation that I would never have imagined I’d be in a few weeks ago when all I wanted to do was hide underneath a duvet sobbing until Grape was born! 

Here we go: on Tuesday 6th November I will be partaking in a photo shoot and interview with Pregnancy and Birth magazine for one of their main features in a future edition of the magazine!!!! I’m going to be photographed and interviewed in a “location house” along with 3 other beautiful pregnant ladies, so watch this space! I’m intending to blog about my day on the shoot (oh it all sounds so glamorous), and my handsome PA Nicholas will be attending with me for moral support and to advise the team of Miss Jeeves’ needs for the day: “Water must be chilled at this temperature”, “Miss Jeeves will not eat the brown bits on a banana”, “Take that tomato away – the very sight of it is making her wretch” etc (only joking!). I thought it would be good to challenge myself and my self-esteem like this, and it will be a fantastic story to tell Grape when she’s older. I’m very excited and shocked that I’ve been chosen, so please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I won’t look like a lump on camera…!
In another twist of hilarity, and not content with appearing in the magazine only once apparently, my “work survival tip” that I sent in when I was 23 weeks pregnant (so many weeks ago) was published in this months edition! I laughed a lot when I saw this earlier today whilst perusing the pages:
Hannah Jeeves: Pregnancy and Birth Magazine’s Most Enthusiastic Contributor…
Hoorah it’s the weekend! I hope you all have fabulously fun things planned – enjoy! 

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