Mutti-to-be turned Model

Today was the day of my Pregnancy and Birth magazine photo shoot, which was so much fun and incredibly surreal! 

We started the adventure on the 7:29am train to London Victoria…luckily I’d conked out by 9:30pm last night, so our alarm going off at 6am wasn’t too much of a shock! The day began with a non-convenential model’s breakfast (below) – I’m sure Kate Moss would have been horrified… 

We arrived at the location house in Stockwell just after 9.30am. The house was stunning; beautifully decorated in a vintage, shabby chic style. There were taxidermy birds everywhere…which was both pretty cool and random (the taxidermy penguin in the bathroom for example!?!) We walked into the kitchen to find even more croissants, satsumas (YES! I’m living off these at the moment), juice and tea for us to consume. Naomi Campbell would have punched someone (“Are you trying to fatten me up???”), but not us pregnant ladies! Yum! We chatted to the team and one of the other pregnant ladies for a bit, and then I had my hair and make-up done by the lovely hair and make-up artist. I then got taken upstairs to try on a few outfits for the shoot. Finally, in a beautiful, mono-chrome wrap dress and heels, I was taken downstairs into the room they were using for the shoot; I posed and smiled A LOT! Putting yourself up for something like this is wonderful for your ego and self-esteem; everyone is very complimentary (“You have a smile that goes on for miles!”), and to have a team of women commenting positively on photos of you makes you feel ever-so beautiful. Even though I had the biggest Bump there…by a long way!

Nick took a sneaky photo whilst I was posing!

After the photographer and team were happy, I went back upstairs to get changed and say goodbye. My interview will be later this week. The feature will be in the February edition of the magazine – released in January – so keep an eye out! Also, I just want to say hello to Kate (@SuddenlyMum) who I’d briefly chatted to on Twitter previous to the shoot, but didn’t really get a chance to talk to during the day. Hello! 

Me at the tube station after the shoot! I decided to keep my make-up on to go round London!

After the shoot we went for lunch and then to Harrods as I wanted to visit the Christmas Shop. I bought a few beautiful decorations for this years tree, and then we wandered around the Food Hall salivating and wishing we were rich enough to buy everything. 


All in all I’ve had a great day – my confidence and self-esteem are rising…although I’m still not ready for a naked Bump shoot, nor will I be doing a “Sienna Miller” and having a naked pregnant portrait of myself done! 

I’m behind the camera at work tomorrow, so get to experience things from the photographers perspective*. Although I’m sure being a Beauty, Features and Fashion photographer is much more exciting than photographing Physics…! 

*Well, that’s if Maternity Vogue don’t call me later asking me to fly to Paris in their private jet for a photo shoot… What?! A girl can dream! 

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