The Heavily Pregnant Lady’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

I love Christmas. Ok, love is an understatement, but there are no words that quite describe how excited and thrilled I become at Christmas. In terms of celebratory days, my love of Christmas transcends all…(except for maybe my birthday). I’m like a small child on…well, Christmas day morning…just for the entirety of December. I love the smells (mulled wine, pine needles, crisp winter air), I love the music (the old songs are the best) and I love the evenings tucked up in a warm house writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents. So to find out that my unborn Bump would be born a few days previous to the most wonderful time of the year was pretty exciting, and definitely the best Christmas present I’m ever going to get! 

Being this heavily pregnant when I should be rushing around tidying, baking and buying Christmas presents is a bit of a burden, so after yesterday’s attempted Christmas shopping experience in Brighton I thought I’d write a “Heavily Pregnant Lady’s Guide to Christmas Shopping” for all the Yummy Mummies-to-be who are in a similar situation! 

Do as much as you can online! 
The internet is a magical tool that should be utilised to its full potential whilst you are a temporary waddler. I want to buy most of my Christmas presents from British crafters this year, so websites like Etsy and Folksy are amazing for finding unique gifts. Also, if you have an eBay addiction like I do (selling as well as buying) then you may have a small nest egg of money in your Paypal account that you can use on handmade websites! Thrifty, de-cluttering and supporting the British economy. Win, win, win!

Do buy awkward shaped items online…
…Like wrapping paper! Manoeuvring yourself, plus huge Bump, through the hoards of Christmas shoppers is bad enough without you tripping over or attacking other people with your long tubes of wrapping paper. Don’t fear – all M&S, Boots etc 3-for-2 offers still seem to be applicable online, plus it means you get post, and receiving post is a joy!

Don’t wear layers you can’t take off!
It’s freezing outside…then the temperature of an Australian summer inside. Cue frantic stripping pregnant lady. Make sure that a) you wear layers you feel comfortable in – there’s no point wearing that arm-exposing top underneath your jumper if you’re worried about catching a glimpse of your arms in a shop mirror! Yes you don’t want to faint, but at the same time you don’t want your self-esteem to be in tatters and spend the rest of the shopping trip moping. b) You don’t wear a jumper that will moult fluff all over your black maternity coat. Seriously. c) You have a bag big enough that you can put your hat, scarf and gloves in so you’re not lugging these about/dropping them. 

Do take lots of breaks
We are magical baby incubators and this is exhausting work. Make sure you sit down regularly, take snacks in your bag (bananas are great for energy), drink plenty of water and generally look after yourself. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate and piece of cake halfway through – the hot chocolate will give you iron and cake is tasty. 

Do make sure you know where the nearest toilet is
Heavy baby pressing down on bladder will mean you may need to go to the toilet…NOW! Scout out your nearest toilet, and if necessary flutter your eyelashes, push out your Bump and beg the only pub/restaurant in 5 miles to use their loo.   

Don’t buy anything heavy when you’re out shopping by yourself
You know you shouldn’t lift anything heavy, but we all forget sometimes…and then regret it later! Make sure you take your partner or a strong friend if you want to buy something in store that you know will do you harm if you carry it on the bus or to the car. Alternatively, order it online! Also, don’t forget that jars and other similar items can be very heavy once you have bought a few, so be aware of how much you’re buying. 

Do make your own presents and cards
If you’re on maternity leave and/or have some spare time on your hands, then perhaps consider making your own presents in the warmth and comfort of your house, rather than braving the icy winds and grumpy shoppers! Most people appreciate homemade gifts more than shop bought as it shows you’ve taken the time to think about them. 

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Do you have any top tips for overcoming the restrictions of the third trimester and Christmas shopping? Comment below or tweet me! 


  1. 29th November 2012 / 3:16 pm

    Well my plan was to be super organised this year and have it all done already…umm yeah that hasn’t gone to plan and have only really got our son’s presents…oops! x

    • 29th November 2012 / 4:39 pm

      I had similar good intentions…but then realised it wasn’t worth buying much before we moved! xx

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