“No! She’s not here yet!”
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“Anything” is possibly the most irritating word in the English language right now. Every time I get a text that just says this or contains only one sentence (i.e. “Any sign?”) I don’t bother replying. It would be nice to be asked how I’m feeling; after being told by my midwife that Grape is completely ready to arrive, I’m now 41 weeks pregnant! It’s quite frustrating, and I actually ended up unplugging the landline and turning my mobile off on Monday because I felt so harassed… (I was in a very grumpy mood) I know everyone is excited, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm and love, but it feels like everyday lasts five at the moment, and I find I’m analysing every twinge within an inch of its life!

However, there have been some developments in the last 24 hours: I ended up in the Day Assessment Unit yesterday as Grape’s movement had reduced, I had a severe headache with blurred vision and was feeling really sick. I thought it would probably be my hormones as I’m super sensitive to any changes, but decided that I should get checked out as was 40+6 weeks. Luckily everything was fine, and the Midwife and Doctor thought it was probably just hormonal after a clear CTG (Grape did give them a small fright when she fell asleep!). I was then offered a sweep and to book my induction, and I’m so relieved that they did offer, as if I’d waited until my 41 week appointment today then I would have had to be induced on Christmas Eve at the earliest (after being told by the community Midwife that my induction would “definitely be before Christmas” if I needed one…ahh NHS communication at its finest)!!! So I had my sweep yesterday afternoon and my induction is booked in for today. During my sweep they discovered I was 2cm dilated, which is fabulous news as this means everything is starting. I’ve been awake since 5.30am this morning as have been having twinges and small contractions, so perhaps I won’t need my induction this afternoon?! Fingers crossed! 

Hopefully my next post will be about our new bundle of joy! How exciting and ridiculously terrifying… 

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