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We’ve finally reached D-Day; 12.12.12. The day that Grape has been predicted to arrive…and I’m growing impatient! I know the chances of her arriving today are tiny (only about 5% of babies arrive on their due date), but I’m a bit of a time management freak and do not appreciate lateness. I wish sonographers and midwives could give you an estimated week of arrival instead of a day; this would probably help with my impatience and annoyance at being “late”. 

I barely slept last night I was so excited! The last couple of days have felt like Christmas Eve, but instead of a stocking at the end of your bed in the morning, it’s a baby pushing it’s way out of your lady parts. It’s the hardest you’ll ever work for a present, but it’ll definitely be the most precious and special gift you’ll ever receive. Even if it does scream, vomit and poo a lot… 

Oh well, we were hoping for a 12.12pm birth at 12.12.12 today, which unless I have a ridiculously speedy labour lasting just under an hour, isn’t going to happen! At least there’s always 20.12.2012 next week!

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