Oh Christmas tree…oh Christmas tree!

“Do you think it’s big enough?”

It’s all done! After an afternoon of Christmas music, one emergency trip out for more fairy lights, and copious amounts of tea and mince pies, our Christmas tree is up and looks beautiful. Downstairs has (almost) been completely Christmas-fied, and I am now giving Grape the green light to arrive… 

The finished product: Christmas tree of wonder and joy!

Toe nails painted? Check! 

Labour ward prep!

Christmas tree up? Check! 
House in an alright state? Um…well she’s going to be sleeping in our room for at least the first 6 weeks, so we can cross the “piles of boxes bridge” in the nursery when we get to it. Downstairs is pretty much sorted! Do you hear that Bump? You can come out now! You can stop headbutting my bladder and meet us! Anytime in the next few days would be wonderful. 

I thought I’d post some photos of the tree and preparation to assist in the Christmassy mood:

Box of baubles!
My happy Harrods Gingerbread man (from my day modelling in London)!
The cane on the left is one of my homemade creations.
One of my Harrods stars – love it!
Another homemade Christmas decoration!

Bring on the baby!*

*Dear Father Christmas, Please don’t let labour be too lengthy or painful! Best wishes x (because Father Christmas has the power to grant this wish. Obviously. Perhaps he’ll supply the drugs and champagne? “Ho ho ho! Merry Pethidine!”)

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