Operation “Born Free”

I’ve just got back from my 40 week midwife appointment and am feeling rather frustrated. In the Maternity Note Schedule it said that I would be having sweep today, but alas no sweep happened, nor was my induction booked (I’d been told previously by a different midwife that I could book this a bit earlier due to Christmas). I know I’m only 40 weeks today so I’m not technically over-due, but it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, and I’d quite like her to be here by then! Annoyingly (but thankfully) Grape is in a perfect position;  head low down, back in correct place with her “nose pressed against the door” waiting to come out. She just needs the hormonal green light from my body to enter the world. It sounds like a sweep may well have been just the ticket needed to get labour properly started…but hey, I’m not a midwife and I have to trust her. 

This has made me determined to attempt to naturally coax her out…so Operation “Born Free” is on! 
Raspberry Leaf Tea
I’m on my second cup since getting home. Smells a bit like cystitis medicine, but actually doesn’t taste too bad! It contains an alkaloid called fragine, which is said to strengthen uterine muscles, and thus assist in making contractions more effective once they’ve started. 

Oh Holy raspberry leaf tea – will you bring my baby to me? 

We’re getting a takeaway tonight; my spice tolerance isn’t very high but I’m going to give something spicy a go. Apparently getting the bowels moving (TMI) is a good way to kick-start the process… 
Fresh pineapple
Pudding tonight! It’s supposed to soften the cervix, but it was a craving early on in pregnancy for me… I’m not holding my breath on this one.

Walking (Waddling)
I’ve done some last minute Christmas shopping this afternoon and am trying to keep as active as possible. It’s fairly to painful to waddle now her head is so low, but needs must. 
Obviously, if my Mutti or Grandparents ask, Grape was immaculately conceived, but apparently sex is a good way to get a baby out due to a hormone in sperm. Or perhaps the baby doesn’t fancy being poked in the eye? 
Cold glass of champagne in a warm bath
My midwife suggested this one to me today. Love that woman. We’ve put a bottle of “Mumm” in the fridge; I feel if any brand of champagne is going to encourage her to join the world the appropriately named bottle will. 
Yay! Foot massage time! I’ve got a great, free reflexology app on my phone which we shall be referring to this evening.
Gin and Tonic
I read about this yesterday and gave it a go last night. Didn’t work, and since I’ve only been drinking one glass of wine a week since 12 weeks, I had a fuzzy, dehydrated hangover headache at 3am. It’s the quinoline in the tonic that helps apparently. 

There are so many more natural ways to induce a baby (seemingly endless!); if you have any suggestions please tweet me or leave a comment below, as I feel that I may be desperate if she hasn’t arrived by the weekend! 

Wish me luck with Operation “Born Free” and let’s hope Grape arrives soon!


  1. 13th December 2012 / 12:57 pm

    I remember hitting 40 weeks with my first and being desperate for him to make an appearance. I recommend a long walk to get the head descending nicely into the pelvis. I had a curry the night I went into labour, although with hindsight, I was obviously in the early stages before we ordered it but hadn’t realised. The only downside was, when I used the gas and air, curry repeated on me the whole way through the labour. It was utterly disgusting. This time I ate very bland foods in the run up to EB being born. My last meal before him was Quiche/salad and a jacket potato! I hope you don’t have to wait too long to meet her. x

    • 13th December 2012 / 1:41 pm

      Oh no! I’ve been on the curry…you’ve got me scared now 😛

      Fingers crossed – I’m starting to think she may arrive tomorrow…it’s probably not Mother’s intuition and just wishful thinking, but you never know 🙂

      I hope all is going well with EB and Pip, and you’re enjoying the new experiences of being a 4! 🙂 x

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