Watch out: Babymania is about to sweep the UK!

It’s finally happened; Kate and Wills are having a mini-Royal. Congratulations to them both! As someone whose pregnancy journey is about to end and the wilderness of motherhood approaches, I wish them both the best of luck, and I hope that Kate enjoys her pregnancy as much as she possibly can suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum! I was extremely lucky with my “morning sickness”; I just felt like I had a perpetual hangover (without the perks of drinking the night before *sigh*), so I hope she tries to keep as hydrated and rested as possible. 
I also hope the press don’t hound her too much; pregnancy is such a special time for you and your partner, and the fact that her pregnancy has been announced before her 12 week scan can’t help her stress levels at all! She is a human-being after all, and will be sensitive to the pressure. 
With such an exciting announcement you know what this means: Babymania is about to sweep the UK! This Bump, baby and child will be one of the most famous (and photographed) children in history so far; whatever name they choose will be both scrutinised or adopted by millions. No pressure then! 
So I raise my glass of mulled apple juice in a toast: Good luck Chaps! I’m not a Royalist, but it’s nice to have a happy story in the News every so often – and let’s face it, mini-Royal is going to be one cute baby! 

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