It’s Official!

We took a family trip to Brighton Town Hall today to register Busby as a real, official person. It was an interesting experience; Busby is still too small to be able to use the sling and baby carrier, and we haven’t quite had enough concentration or time to work out the pram yet, so we carried her through town in the car seat…(the car park next to the Town Hall charges £5 for two hours!?! so had to park a bit further away) Not the wisest of decisions due to the crazy “we must get to the sales before school starts again next week” shoppers, but we made it safely there and back again. We had an appointment at 12pm, but just before we were about to leave Busby did her first projectile vomit all over me, the Nursery and her “becoming an official person” outfit (a very cute dress and legging combo), and we had to call and get a later appointment so we had time to do a full costume change and vom clear up. Once again, a dramatic entrance into society; I have no idea who she gets that from…! 
It was a very quick process, and everyone in the registry office fell in love with Busby immediately (she’s going to be a heartbreaker), but it’s official, she’s now a real person in the eyes of the law. 
Welcome to society Busby!

Bea outside the Town Hall


    • 8th January 2013 / 4:44 pm

      Thanks Hannah 🙂 xx

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