Make, Do and Push!

Dear Readers

As you can see I have a new URL: welcome to Make, Do and Push!

I’ve been wanting to make this change for a while now, but thanks to the registration form for BritMums Live I’ve taken the plunge, as didn’t want the wrong blog name on my badge in June. 

So, why Make, Do and Push? 
This is pretty self explanatory: crafting!
As you all know I’ve just given birth to the beautiful Busby in December, so Push stands for all of my pregnancy and parenthood posts. 
(I) Do?
As some of you may be aware, Nick and I are getting married in October 2014, so I thought I would write about our journey and experiences of planning the wedding! 

I hope you all continue to enjoy reading my blog; I’m planning on making some more changes over the coming months so watch this space. 

To everyone going to BritMums Live this year – I look forward to seeing you there! Let me know if you’re going!

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