(Useful) Gift Ideas for New Muttis

Last week I wrote about how one of my oldest girlfriends is due to have a baby boy in May. Since finding out I’ve been thinking about gifts for her and have reflected on what I’ve found useful post-Busby. This is my list:

For Mutti
Lansinoh Nipple cream
This is going to be in every “new baby hamper” I give my friends… There would have been a lot more tears without it! 

Yummy Mummy Survival Guide by Liz Fraser
The best book I’ve read so far about having a baby – from pregnancy through to the first few years. It’s great; I’ve written a review here

Cussons Mum and Me “New Mum” Bath Soak
Nick bought me a bottle of this for Christmas. During pregnancy I became very sensitive to bubble baths and scented shower gels, and knowing how much I love my baths he thought this would be a good product to ease me back into the land of bubbles. It’s fantastic! It contains arnica too, so helps with the bruising from labour. 

Stretch mark fading oil
My stretch marks appeared in my final week of pregnancy, which was fairly frustrating. However, I like them in a weird sort of way… War wounds and all that. Obviously I’m not going to like them forever though, so am using Bio Oil to help them fade. 

Hand cream
With the amount you find yourself washing your hands as a new parent, every Yummy Mummy needs a good quality hand cream to soothe those dry hands. I’ve been using Soap and Glory’s Hand Food, which smells delicious!

Bake her something
One of my best friends brought round a batch of scrummy biscuits at the weekend. As a new parent you find yourself in constant demand, and any food you can a) eat with one hand and b) grab and go, is a blessing. It meant so much that she made these for us, and they kept us both running until we had time to sit down and eat dinner (late) that evening.

For Baby
Ewan the Dream Sheep
You will all know how much I love Ewan from my last post here. His musical womb legs are still working their magic on Busby! 

Sleepsuits and vests
You can never have too many of these (seriously), and there’s such a fantastic range of them out there! My current favourites are these vests from The Essential One – so beautiful. 

Busby is too small to fit in her sleeping bags at the moment so we’ve been using blankets endlessly! I love this one from The Littles Ones (Anna the owner has just had her own little baby boy!). 

This stuff works miracles on sore bottoms – and also your sore, over-washed, dry hands!

What was the most useful gift you received? Tweet me or comment below!


  1. 29th January 2013 / 9:31 pm

    I love your list.

    The Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stimulation Mobile has been loved by both my sons from very early on. EB lies under it smiling and cooing. Think it’s something about the black and white and the simple shapes that babies love.

    I also got a couple of lovely pram blankets as gifts. Always useful to have a spare when it’s been sicked on!

    • 29th January 2013 / 10:54 pm

      Thank you 🙂

      I haven’t seen that mobile before – it definitely looks like something Bea would love; she is obsessed with staring and cooing at the blue and white spotty boxes I have on my crafting desk! xx

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