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Pregnant Me!

Today I found out that one of my oldest school friends is 24 weeks pregnant. We tend to catch up every 6 months or so, and the last time I saw her (in May) I was telling her my wonderful news that I was pregnant with Busby, so I was ecstatic to hear her news!! I can’t believe she’d waited this long to tell me, but she wanted to tell me face-to-face. Anyway, she’s having a boy, is due in May, and as far as she’s aware, everything is fine! We spent the day discussing names, I showed her some fabulous websites for baby clothes, and just generally chatted about pregnancy. It got me thinking about all the things I miss about being pregnant, so I thought I’d share them. 

10 things I miss about being pregnant
1. Feeling the baby move and kick; such a special and amazing feeling. Post-partum you feel pretty empty. 
2. Sleep. Well, up until you’re too big or suffer from insomnia… 
3. Being able to go to bed at 8pm and sleep until 8am (with pee breaks of course), and not feel guilty. 
4. Having another slice of cake, because Baby loves cake. 
5. Having a legitimate reason not to clean the house (“I can’t possibly clean the toilet due to exposure to chemicals!”) 
6. Having a bump to rub. I loved being able to stroke my bump whilst chatting, or when I was feeling emotional! Now it just looks like I’m hungry, or have stomach pain if I rub my tummy! 
7. The anticipation. I’m not talking about the last two weeks as that was just frustrating, but the anticipation of waiting for the next scan, or the next midwife appointment. The anticipation of wondering what your baby is going to look like. It’s the most exciting surprise! 
8. Maternity clothes. Man, those clothes were comfy. 
9. The foot rubs. Nick would give me a foot rub almost every evening… He really is wonderful!
10. Being lazy. I miss spending the afternoon in bed reading, or lying on the sofa watching TV. 

However, I am so glad that I can now have a hot hot bath, that I can eat pate, brie and blue cheese again, and that I can drink alcohol again. And of course being pregnant is wonderful, but there’s nothing quite like having a cuddle with your baby, and staring at her in amazement: “We made you” (Oh how the mind boggles!)

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