You only need three items to rule the world

Looking down at her pram tyres and boots the mother realises she has some mud on them. Attempting to scrape this on the curb, she catches a whiff from the apparent mud. Then it dawns on her; this isn’t mud at all.

This was today. Along with being ram-raided by a pensioner and her trolley in Waitrose, and sweating buckets in the doctors waiting room bouncing a grumpy Busby, whilst my doctor ran over with her current patient by half an hour. But actually it’s been quite a good day; I’ve been feeling more positive  due to a rather good night of sleep (almost 8 hours with one feed to break it up)!

Dog poo. Lovely. “Thank you charming person who let their dog defecate on the pavement!” she curses. She pauses at a nearby bench and applies the brakes on her pram. Reaching into her changing bag she pulls out the pack of trusty baby wipes and a nappy bag. 

The canine poop incident got me thinking (as I wiped its excrement from my boot and my pram wheels) of the things we need in life to “rule” our worlds. I came to the conclusion that there are three things that can solve most of life’s problems:
Baby wipes
Since Busby has entered my life I’ve used them for so many different tasks, mostly cleaning up, but they’re also great face wipes!
Babies bottoms, cracked hands, cluster of hormonal spots you want to disappear. I reckon you could also use it as grout for tiling.
Gaffer tape
It fixes anything and everything. You can even use it to patch up clothes (I’ve actually seen someone do this).

The mother smiles to herself as she drops the full nappy bag in the bin. “Life could be worse”she decides, “The sun is shining, I have a beautiful little baby asleep in the pram, and I’m about to go and buy cake.”

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