Oh, Smurf!

Since having Busby I’ve become conscious of how much I swear. I have a potty mouth and apparently I’m not afraid to use it. It’s a little worrying.  In our household we’ve taken to replacing most swear words with the word smurf, which has proved highly amusing in some situations (Mother Smurf…and then we realised Papa Smurf). Nick now finds himself bleeping out songs and the TV with smurf

We also use the classics: fudge and sugar, and in extreme cases fudge cakes. You know it’s bad when there are fudge cakes (I’ve usually walked into or dropped something)! 

What replacement words do you use in your house for swear words, or “inappropriate”* words, when there are children present? 

*Think Sex and the City colouring (replacement for sex)

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