#Poogate and the Hernia Saga

*WARNING: This post contains quite a lot of poo (not visually – that would be taking this to another, incredibly gross level)*

This week has been insane. It all began on Sunday when Busby developed an inguinal hernia through constipated pushing. It was a horribly tough day and my worry levels were at an all time high…which for me is extreme as I worry about everything. Since then she’s been on 5ml of lactoluse a day; for the first 24 hours it seemed to work its sticky magic, but then her bowel movements slowed down. We were supposed to see our Doctor during the week about the hernia, but she called on Tuesday and said she was referring us immediately to a paediatrician as this type of hernia is not common in babies, especially girls. Joy. She advised that if it appears again, is hard and can’t be pushed back in, go straight to A&E. 

By Thursday she hadn’t pooped for 48 hours; she was starting to struggle and was in pain again, and I was in a tizz. We managed to get a Doctors appointment in the afternoon, so I started getting her ready to leave… 10 minutes before we were about to go she pooped. And she pooped A LOT. I’d heard rumours of projectile poo before but boy, am I glad we don’t have a cream carpet! Cue me frantically trying to clean Busby up, clean the carpet with baby wipes (it’s all I had to hand – magical product!) and keep an eye on the clock that was quickly ticking away. We finally made it to the Doctors AND, by some kind of miracle, we were on time! I even had to stop halfway through my sprint to the surgery to put the raincover on the pram as it started raining (the world was against me). The Doctor was very lovely; Busby spent the whole time “gooing” at her whilst she was being examined. We were advised to keep going with the same amount of lactoluse, consider changing the formula she’s on, and come back in a week if she’s not any better. 

When we got home I started changing her and realised her hernia was back! It felt bigger than before, harder and I couldn’t push it back in. Nick was at work so I called my Mutti to come and pick me up and take us to A&E. I ran around throwing a bag of things together in case they wanted to admit her. Just as I was getting her into her bear snowsuit I decided to check her again as she’d been a bit windy (my daughter is going to LOVE me when she reads this back at the age of 16)…the hernia had gone back in! We decided not to go to A&E as we’d just be given the “first time parent look” and sent home again. It appeared once more on Thursday evening, but was softer than earlier in the evening and I could push it back in… 

So now we wait. We continue to check her every time we change her and haven’t felt anything since Thursday. Hopefully the paediatrician referral will come through quickly and we’ll be seen within the next couple of weeks. But for now #Poogate and the Hernia Saga continue… 


  1. 16th February 2013 / 9:46 pm

    Wow poor thing (both of you) must be such a worry, fingers crossed you get that appointment soon! x

    • 17th February 2013 / 11:43 am

      Thank you lovely – tis indeed a worry! It reappeared last night again and then went back down… it’s a hernia roller-coaster! xx

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