Review: Munchkin White Hot™ Safety Bath Duck

We’ve been using our kitchen thermometer to check Busby’s bath water up until now, so when I was approached to review the Munchkin White Hot™ Safety Bath Duck I was very pleased! I’d seen the Safety Bath Duck online previously, and had always thought it looked like a very cute but practical product. 

Why do I need to check my baby’s bath temperature?
A baby’s bath temperature should be 37°C (body temperature), and it’s very important not to overheat, as their skin is so sensitive and burns easily. 

How does it work? 
Place the duck in the bath water for one minute, then take out and check the safety disc underneath. If the bath is too hot (greater than 39.4°C) then the safety disc will display “HOT”. Simple yet effective, yes? No wonder it’s won two awards for being so innovative!

1. (Top left) Before entering water.
2. (Bottom left) After a minute in Busby’s water (before she went in, of course!!)
3. (Right)Tested in really hot water to see how white the safety disc would go.

What did I love about the duck? 
– Not only is it all about keeping a baby’s skin safe from burning, it also doubles up as a bath toy! Busby was very interested in it floating around next to her, and I can see it becoming something we can’t have a bath without! 
– It’s small enough for her to grasp, but big enough for her not to choke on, as I’m sure it will end up in her mouth in the near future. 
– The duck is water tight to prevent sinking and/or squirting.
– It’s also very easy to clean, which is always a plus with a baby around!

Anything bad? 
I can’t really fault this product. The only thing I would say is perhaps the safety disc may be slightly over-zealous with its temperature detection. However, if it keeps Busby’s skin safe from harm I don’t have a problem with that!

The Munchkin White Hot™ Safety Bath Duck retails at £2.79 RRP, which I think is a bargain for such a practical and lovely product! For more details please visit the Munchkin website

*I was sent the Munchkin White Hot™ Safety Bath Duck free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views expressed in this post are my own.*

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