(I) Do // Our Engagement Story

I thought I’d start the wedding planning/journey part of my blog with our engagement story, because let’s face it, everyone loves an engagement story!

Us, at our engagement party

On 25th August last year my best friend proposed to me. We’d been together for just under 18 months, and were expecting our first baby together in December. When I first met Nick at an afternoon retirement party at work (our eyes met over the questionable cake), I knew there was something different about him; he made me laugh like I hadn’t laughed in ages, and we didn’t stop talking from leaving the party until last orders in the pub. He was intelligent, witty, and had a similar, silly sense of humour to me. I knew there was something different about him.

Ok, ok! Enough gushing… let’s get back to the story!

The surprises began on my birthday; Nick told me we were going to see the matinee performance of Les Miserables (my favourite musical) in London, and that he’d booked us into a very fancy hotel in Holborn. I was informed that there would be surprises throughout the weekend! How exciting! 

Les Mis was fabulous as usual (this was my third time seeing it), although theatre seats are not massively comfortable at the best of times; especially not when you’re 5 months pregnant! Nevertheless, it was a fantastic performance; the highlight being the actor who played Javert, as his voice was amazing – so powerful and emotive!

We arrived at the hotel on the Saturday after the show. It was such a gorgeous hotel; the lobby was so grand and art-deco inspired – beautiful. Oh, and our room was huge! As we snuggled up on the huge bed, Nick informed me that he’d booked me in for a mummy-to-be massage the next day at the hotel spa… I cheekily asked whether there were anymore surprises up his sleeve. He coyly replied that there might be, but I’d have to wait and see.

After a lovely meal out Nick suggested a walk. Unfortunately, it had started raining so we went back to the beautiful hotel bar for a drink. Nick went to order my mocktail… and before I knew what was happening he appeared down on one knee in front of me reeling off a speech that he had prepared. I cut him short: “Really?? Really?? Yes! Yes, of course!” He then produced a haribo ring (he knew I wanted to choose my own ring – I’m fussy), and the barman arrived with two glasses of champagne!!

We spent the night discussing plans; when, where, who, what. I barely slept, buzzing from the heady excitement of the proposal and the night. I’d had an inkling that he might have been planning something, but I’d convinced myself that he wouldn’t be proposing. 

So that’s the story! We’ve started proper discussions now: mostly the when (October 2014, so Busby is old enough to sort of understand what’s going on, and be a flower girl) and the how (um…after doing some research I’ve decided that a lottery win is the only way we’re going to be able to afford to get married). I can’t wait to get my teeth into the real planning stages, and start blogging about our journey to matrimony! 

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