“Let them eat cake”: Part Two

Welcome to Part two of “Let them eat cake”!

Inspired by Becky’s “Care Bear” cake yesterday, I wanted to show you my 4th Birthday cake that my Mutti made. Isn’t it wonderful? Although I’m sure a tail of candles is a little inconvenient in the wild!

Victoria (@TheMrsBee) from Yummy Little Secrets and her blog Mummy Bee Knows Best
My earliest cake baking memory is when I was roughly 6 or 7 years old and I was in my nan’s kitchen, where she taught me how to bake fairy cakes. I used to love visiting my nan at the seaside; I knew we would have so much fun shopping for ingredients, and making lots of cakes to take back home with me at the end of the weekend. We also went along the pier and ate doughnuts. She introduced me to my love of freshly baked (or fried) pier doughnuts, and my love of baking. I treasure these memories and all the times I baked with her when I was younger, as she sadly passed away last year. After many years of not baking, in 2010 after we were married I started baking again, and then I took it to another level and started doing celebration cakes.  Now 3 years later I am still baking and doing celebration cakes, learning new skills with every cake I bake. I wish to pass my love of baking cakes and other cakey things on to my son, and any future babies.
Favourite type of cake:
I have a few favourite cakes: Batternberg brings back wonderful childhood memories, sitting in a chair with my dad on a Sunday afternoon eating it.  Chocolate is of course up there, and I also love a good lemon drizzle cake with lots of sugar on top. Sticky toffee pudding isn’t really a cake, but it’s very special to my husband and I, as we had some in the hotel the day he proposed to me, and we also had it for dessert on our wedding day. 

Ellen (@Ellen27) from Ellen Arnison
I know it’s strictly not quite a cake – it’s my mother’s crispie cake recipe. It’s a wartime one that includes dried milk and cocoa powder. They have appeared at every significant moment in my life just about – my sister had mum make a huge tower of them for her wedding.

Favourite type of cake:

Cheese cake (do they count?) or coffee cake, but then again sometimes carrot cake. Gosh it’s hard to decide! 

My grandma used to make THE best chocolate cake, it was a real birthday tradition in our family.  On my first birthday, which was a hot August day, she made her famous chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cherries on top.  After it was cut and everyone was tucking into a piece, I went over to what was left and cheekily picked the cherries off the top!  Luckily my dad didn’t stop me and took a photo instead…Haha!

Favourite type of cake:
New York Vanilla Cheesecake

When I was little we always went camping in North Norfolk, and visited the surrounding seaside towns. One in particular, Cromer, has a tiny little cake shop (Waverley Cake Shop, they’re on facebook!) that sells, amongst other cakes, huge chunks of carrot cake. I remember my mum buying me one, it was almost as big as a paper plate, and it was so delicious! Since then, every time I go to Norfolk, I try and go to Cromer just for a slice of carrot cake!
Favourite type of cake:
Carrot cake

Annie (@MrsCraftyB) from Crafting a Daydream with Mrs Crafty B 
It’s really difficult to choose between my engagement party cake, which was a two tiered fruit cake with some sugar roses that I made from scratch (they were my first attempt), and my wedding cake. I think probably my wedding cake would have to win because I have fond memories of the making of it. My sister came to help me cut out hundreds of flowers, and Hubby B helped to mix the butter icing (and got a blister on his hand for the wedding!)

I have heard so many tales of ‘dry wedding cake’ that never gets eaten, so I went for the cupcake tower route. People could choose between a chocolate cupcake with peppermint icing, or a lemon cupcake with white chocolate icing. I coloured the icing for the flowers myself and a had some help cutting them out, and as a topper I bought a ceramic sculpture and made some pretty sugar flowers including orchids and roses, which surrounded it. 183 cupcakes later and I was so proud of myself. The compliments were amazing, and the fact that everyone wanted one of each spoke for itself. I think there were cupcakes in handbags at the end of the night. I will never forget it, and it is what drives me to one day provide the same for other people getting married.
Favourite type of cake:
I always say carrot cake (due to another cake memory of my Nan bringing home leftovers from the hotel she used to work in), but actually I’m not sure if you can beat a good bit of chocolate fudge cake. It’s too hard…..mmmm… all cake. I’m just gonna go for all cake. 

Yum! Thank you to all who contributed. 

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      It’s amazing isn’t it? You should check out Victoria’s website xxx

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