My Pregnancy: First Trimester

5 Weeks: *speechless – shows Nick positive test*
Please note this is not the original pregnancy test
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We hadn’t been trying for a baby – I suffer from endometriosis and was in-between treatments when we conceived. My consultant had advised me that I would probably find it difficult to conceive, and that we should think about having babies before I turned 30 as this would improve my chances. Obviously being told this by a consultant makes you think about the future. We’d discussed having children but decided that:
a)      It wasn’t financially viable at the moment
b)      We wanted a bit more time to ourselves
c)       I wanted to be married before starting a family
However, life doesn’t always adhere to “The Plan”!   
On 10th April 2012 the two pregnancy tests I took were positive! I was convinced that these were both false-positives so decided to take one later in the week…that was also positive! Again, I was convinced that there was no way I was pregnant, so we decided that my doctor’s appointment on the following Monday would be the moment of truth… Suffice to say the doctor refused to do another test as “three positive pregnancy tests mean you’re pregnant Hannah! Congratulations!” and thus the ball started to roll and the Bump began to grow. I was concerned as the Easter weekend had been one of celebrations, so I hadn’t exactly been moderate on the alcohol front, but my doctor reassured me that it would be fine. She even told me that after 12 weeks a weekly glass of red wine improves the blood flow to the placenta. A wise woman.
That evening we told our parents the good news – they were over the moon for us. I also told my manager the next day, as wanted him to be aware in case I fell asleep at my desk or was seen running to the toilet!
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6 Weeks: Gimme ginger nuts!

At six weeks my morning sickness began. I wasn’t ever physically sick in the first 12 weeks – I just felt nauseous all day; like I had a bad hangover but without the perks of drinking the night before. I lived off ginger nuts as they were the only things that seemed to help the nausea. It was horrible, and at times I wanted to be sick just to help elevate the feeling. 

7 Weeks: Babymoon Time
Nick and I decided that we needed a holiday; somewhere we could freely talk about the fact that we were going to be parents without people understanding us. We found a great holiday offer to Egypt so off we went! It was great to get away and be able to talk about the future, and what this little bundle of joy would mean in terms of changes in lifestyle. Also, the heat seemed to help my morning sickness which was a very welcome relief.
At 7 weeks I started tasting the chemicals in everything, which was annoying, but fantastic in terms of home cooking!
As well as going on holiday, I had my pre-booking appointment with the midwife at 7 weeks; I was told that my estimated due date was 10th December 2012, but that this might change at the first scan. At around 7 weeks I also downloaded an incredibly handy app for my smart phone which is made by the Baby Centre – this app has been my Bible throughout pregnancy and contains wonderful daily facts about how your baby is growing, what you should and shouldn’t eat etc. The best thing about it? It’s free! I would definitely recommend downloading this.
6-10 weeks
Lemon fanta – I honestly couldn’t get enough of the sugary drink!
9-12 weeks
Avocado – I had a period of 2-3 days where I ate avocado in every single meal. Luckily the weather had been fantastic, so our local greengrocer was selling 3 ripe avocados for £1!
Pineapple – I had to have this for breakfast!
By this point I couldn’t even look at a tomato without wanting to be sick! I still haven’t eaten one since about 8 weeks – and at the point of writing this I’m almost 31 weeks!
10 weeks: Paperwork Time
At 10 weeks I had my Booking appointment with my midwife. This was the first time I met her as she’d been on leave at my 7 week appointment. She was lovely; had a wicked sense of humour and explained everything she needed to. I got handed my maternity notes, which I learnt would follow me around now until I give birth. I also got my first bounty pack – which was very exciting!
12 weeks: The first scan
I was so nervous before the first scan as I was still convinced that there would be no baby…! I’d drunk so much water beforehand as had read that having a full bladder helps the baby to be in the correct position and location for the scan, but because the US team were running late I made about 4 trips to pee before we even got into the room. When we were finally called in the Sonographer was fabulous and found the baby straight away; it has been the only scan where she has behaved herself! Nothing can quite describe seeing your baby on the ultrasound screen for the first time; I couldn’t believe she was actually there wriggling (and sneezing) away! It was still so surreal. Us? Parents?? In charge of a little person’s life?!  Helping them grow into someone wonderful?! Eek! The Sonographer gave us a new estimated due date of 12th December 2012, which put a big smile on my face – what a great due date! Let’s hope she despises lateness too and arrives on time. 
Baby Grape – 12 weeks!
Over the next few days we told our family and friends that we were going to be parents; everyone was very surprised (not as surprised as we were!) but chuffed to bits for us.

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  1. 16th April 2013 / 7:15 pm

    Patience is a virtue! What’s meant for you will come in the right time, and I’m happy that you were given such a blessing. About the ultrasound; when I had mine, I suddenly burst into tears upon seeing the baby in my tummy. Thanks for sharing your personal account with us, Hannah!

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