My Pregnancy: Second Trimester

After the initial buzz of excitement telling everyone the good news things started to settle down. We waited with anticipation for the next scan, but that was weeks away! Here’s how the next few weeks panned out:

13 weeks: Hormones Ahoy!
The day I hit 13 weeks I was sick that morning – having not been physically sick throughout the first trimester I was pretty annoyed as was told everything would calm down in the second trimester (“You’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt”)! I was also suffering from horrific headaches. After a visit to my doctor, who blamed the new hormones whizzing around my body, I was signed off for the week as she knew I would go into work if she didn’t make me stay at home, and I spent the rest of the week asleep getting over the headaches.

16 weeks: The Hiccups
I was sitting on the sofa and felt rhythmic pulses from the small bump forming – I realised that the baby was hiccupping; this was the first time I’d felt her doing anything! It felt very strange, but absolutely amazing!

18 weeks: There’s an alien in my tummy
I was sitting at my desk at work just before lunch when I suddenly felt something moving in my tummy; I almost burst into tears! It was the first time I’d felt her physically moving about and it felt wonderful! Weird, but ever so magical!

20 weeks: Finding out the Sex
At last! After 8 weeks of counting down the days, our next scan had arrived; we were very excited as were hoping to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. We’d both said we wanted to know what Grape was going to be as it would help when preparing for her arrival, and to be honest I’m really bad with surprises and there’s no way I could have waited until the baby was born! Nick was convinced we were having a girl, but I was convinced we were having a boy, as the majority of babies born into both of our families are boys!
Grape was very awkward throughout the scan – which lasted over 50 minutes in total – because she wouldn’t stay in the right position. After about 25 minutes of trying, the Sonographer sent me out of the room to do star jumps in the waiting room, pee, walk around and drink water in an attempt to shift her! I had a rather embarrassing “Bridget Jones” moment mid-star jump when the previously empty waiting room suddenly filled with 3 couples… Cue bright red face and nervous laughter when Nick came back from the toilet!
When we went back into the US room nothing had worked – the baby was still doing roly-poly’s. It wasn’t until the Sonographer asked us whether we’d like to know the sex that she started to behave!

Sonographer: Well that was easy! You’re having a girl!
Me: Huh?
Nick: A girl! We’re having a girl!
Me: Oh! Wow! Really??! Are you sure?
Sonographer: Yes, you can go mad and buy pink things!

The Sonographer also managed to get some good photos of her mid-roly-poly for us to keep. We left the room stunned and grinning like idiots.   
Grape at 20 weeks: mid roly-poly!
20 weeks continued: Heart Ultrasound
Due to family history the consultant thought it would be best to err on the side of caution and referred Grape and I to the respective Cardiac Departments. For Bump’s heart ultrasound we had to travel up to St Tommy’s in London. I was so impressed with their Lead Sonographer who was wonderful, kind and so patient. Once again Grape was incredibly awkward, which meant we were in the US room for over an hour whilst the Sonographer tried to coax her out of her hiding area (she likes to stick her head in my pelvis). She remained very calm throughout the time we were in the room – and didn’t get frustrated with the baby! In fact, she said she had a strange sort of respect for babies that give her the run around like this… Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come!! Finally, the Sonographer had seen everything she needed to and was satisfied that Grape’s heart was strong and healthy! She’ll need to be checked out again once I’ve given birth, but the Sonographer didn’t think any issues would arise.

16 weeks
Broccoli – I ate so much broccoli! I couldn’t get enough!
18-20 weeks
Ice cream!

22 weeks: “Quick Nick! Give me your hand!”
At 22 weeks Nick felt Grape move for the first time – he’s still amazed every time he feels her squirm!

24 weeks: I turn 25 and get a surprise
On 25th August 2012 (the day after my 25th birthday) Nick asked me to marry him. I said yes of course! He’d then booked me into the hotel spa (which was glorious) for a Mummy-to-be massage the next day… I felt thoroughly pampered. You can read about our engagement story here.
Us at our engagement party
26 weeks: There she grows!
By 26 weeks Bump was looking like a bump and not like I’d just eaten a massive lunch. There’s something wonderful about stroking your bump that makes you feel very womanly and connects you with the baby inside…

23 weeks
Peanut butter
Roast Potatoes
25-27 weeks
Toast and marmalade

Up next the final countdown!

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