My Pregnancy: Third Trimester

28 weeks: Awkward doesn’t quite cut it… and cramps
During my 28 week midwife appointment Grape moved around so much and kept kicking the midwife whilst she was trying to find the heartbeat. She eventually found her, but had to hold baby in place so she couldn’t move!

This week Nick and I also watched Grape move from one side of my tummy to the other: magical!

I also found myself eating a lot of bananas due to leg cramps!

It’s also the week I started this blog!

29 weeks: Insomnia 
At 29 weeks I was finding it increasingly more difficult to sleep. My Mutti kindly bought me lots of comfy pillows and I found myself building a nest on our bed to try and get comfortable!

30 weeks: Birth plan??
At 30 weeks I started to think about my birth plan and wrote a post about it here.

31 weeks: Our Engagement Party and FAT! 
By 31 weeks I was feeling fat; it didn’t help that some of the guys at work were calling me Mr Greedy…!

We also had our engagement party this week, which was fabulous, and so lovely to catch up with friends and family we hadn’t seen for a while. I had been sick the week previous, and the day after the party found myself even more sick. I found myself looking at my priorities in life.

32 weeks: Public Transport Rage
Yup. I needn’t say anymore. This is the week I decided to buy myself a “Baby on Board” badge… not that it made much difference!

During this week I also had my flu and whooping cough jabs to protect myself and Grape from the illnesses that were prevalent at the time.

33 weeks: Nesting…and BAM!
At 33 weeks I found myself nesting and making some lovely things for Grape’s nursery.

This was also the week when reality really hit that I was going to be a Mutti!

34 weeks: Model Mutti
At 34 weeks I found myself in London on a photoshoot for Pregnancy and Birth magazine, truly loving my pregnant shape. Unfortunately, the article I was going to be featured in has since been cut, but I’ve been told I can still have the photos.

35 weeks: Braxton Hits
At 35 weeks my Braxton Hicks contractions started… Ouch!

36 weeks: Confinement Wishes
At 36 weeks I was longing for work to finish as I was finding it all rather exhausting, and wished we still had a confinement period so I could spend all day in bed. My iron levels were a bit low as well, which wasn’t helping matters.

At the end of this week I also realised I was full-term preggers!!!

37 weeks: Maternity leave begins! Hooray!
I wish I’d started maternity leave earlier…but this week my maternity leave began! Oh and we moved house, because that’s really sensible 8.5 months pregnant.

38 weeks: Is she preparing to join us?
By this point my Braxton Hicks were getting more frequent and painful. My iron levels were back up to normal – thanks to the vast amounts of chocolate I seemed to be consuming in the last month.

I also pondered names – and why they’re important.

39 weeks: Waiting
By this point I was more than ready for Grape to arrive and felt I was just playing the waiting game. I wondered whether she would just stay in there forever, as it didn’t quite seem real that she would be joining us soon.

I found myself very aware of every little change in my body and was convinced this was Grape starting to make her appearance.

40 weeks: D-Day
My due date came and went, and I was left feeling incredibly frustrated and impatient. Where was Grape? Why wasn’t she coming? I started to try all the “inducing labour” remedies to try and encourage her out, and Operation “Born Free” was…well, born.

By 40 weeks + 6 I was thoroughly annoyed; the only texts and calls I received asked “Anything???” and didn’t say much else. I was uncomfortable. And Grape wasn’t moving around as much.

41 weeks: Induction
At 41 weeks I was induced! And on 20th December 2012 (41 + 1) Busby was born at 08:54am. She’s got a fantastic date of birth.

You can read her birth story here.

And thus concludes my pregnancy journey. Bring on the next one…in a couple of years!


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