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This week is Make, Do and Push! Mash-up week. As I’m on holiday (hopefully) relaxing, I’ve asked some lovely, talented, fellow bloggers to write guest posts with the theme “Seaside”.

Today Laura from Life Love Laura has written a guest post about her engagement story. Laura’s blog is fantastic: she has such a great sense of humour, and some fabulous crafty posts that have inspired me hugely.  Take it away Laura, I love a good engagement story! (Ps I LOVE your wedding photo below!)

Whilst Hannah and Busby take a lovely little trip away I would love to share with Make, Do and Push! readers the story of mine and my husband, Big T’s, engagement. 

We met at Hull university 10 years ago (WOW, that doesn’t half make me feel old!), where we were both on the same course and we hit it off straight away. We were good friends for about 5 years, living together in our 2nd years along with 5 other scruffy students! Our 3rd year at uni, however, was spent studying in the U.S.A – Big T was based in Seattle whereas I was at The State University of New York in Albany, the NY state capital. Geographically we couldn’t have been any further away from each other but being really good friends and missing each other like mad, we spent as much time with each other in this year as possible. Big T came and spent Christmas with me in New York City and I managed to get over to Seattle 5 or 6 times. Even though we were thousands of miles away from each other, we only went a few weeks at a time without seeing each other. In our 4th and final year all of our other uni friends, being on 3 year courses, had graduated so Big T and I ended up living together and the rest is history! One night, whilst we were out drinking with some of Big T’s friends from home, one of them asked “are you two a couple or what?” I was mortified. We had pretty much been a couple for a while but we had never put a label on it, and to talk about it embarrassed the hell out of me! Much to my delight, Big T looked at me then said to his friend “yeah we might as well be, eh?” It doesn’t sound very romantic I know but to finally be a real couple was a big deal to me!! 

Since that day we were inseparable, and as soon as we became official it was a given that we would one day be married. We talked about it from day one, chatting about our ideal wedding and what our kids would be called – yes, had our wee man (Little T’s) name picked out way back in 2008! So, the day we got engaged wasn’t a surprise or out of the blue but it was SO lovely. In the couple of months or so before we did get engaged, I had been staring longingly in the window of my favourite jewellers every time I passed, and I had spotted my ideal ring. One Saturday afternoon whilst Big T and I were enjoying lunch in a local café bar I told him about a beautiful white gold and diamond ring that I had seen. “You’re not having one yet, you do know that don’t you?” he replied much to my disappointment. “But can’t we just go and look?” I said. He gave in and off we went into town: yay! When we got there I couldn’t see the gorgeous ring that I had spotted a few days before. I asked the salesman and my stomach sunk when he told me that it’d been sold. “I know which ring you mean, we can always make you a similar one?” he said when he saw the look of disappointment on my face. I looked at Big T with puppy dog eyes… “Oh ok then,” he said, smiling. 


It took about 2 weeks for my ring to be ready, I couldn’t WAIT to see it! Within these two weeks though, Big T made of point of making sure that I knew that although I had my precious ring (Gollum style), I could only have it when he decided the time was right. Why do men always have to put a spanner in the works?! So, I waited very patiently for the next two weeks to pass. Eager for the jewellers to give Big T ‘the call’ I didn’t mention the ring to him once, envisaging only in my head the moment he would get down on one knee. 

When he did finally get ‘the call’ I was SO excited. I was under strict orders that I could only look at the ring once and then it would have to go away for THE day. The day after Big T picked up the ring the sun was beaming and we both had the day off so we made plans to head up over the North Yorkshire Moors to Whitby for a day out. Whitby has always held a special place in my family’s heart. With my dad being an ex-seaman he loves Whitby, and its nautical history. It’s a place my parents and I used to spend many a Sunday when I was a little girl, passing the time away counting the steps up to the famous abbey, eating ice cream on the beach, indulging in fish and chips and dodging seagulls! Big T knew about my family’s love for Whitby and the East Coast and even though he hadn’t even had it a full 24 hours, it was quite obvious that the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. 
Our bench!
We arrived in Whitby and parked up on the top of the hill near the Abbey. We decided to go and have a stroll around the Abbey grounds as neither of us had actually done this before. We wandered leisurely, talking about the ruins and imagining what they would’ve been like way back in the day. Whilst we were chatting away I noticed Big T was acting a little bit strange, and being able to read him like a book I just knew what was coming next! Finding a bench along the walls of the Abbey whilst nobody else was around he made his move…. Getting down on one knee he said the magic words “Laura, will you do me the honour of being my wife?” “Hell yeah I would!!” WE WERE ENGAGED – FINALLY
Freshly engaged

I was ecstatic. Even though I had chosen the ring myself, been there when he went to pick it up, and been told numerous times that I could only have it when he wanted me to, it was still amazing to finally be able to call him my fiancé and not just my boyfriend. It might not have been the dream surprise engagement that some ladies fantasise about, but it was so unique and special to us that I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Telling his mum the news!
Still in the grounds of the Abbey we rang our parents straight away. Big T told me that my dad already knew as he had done the traditional thing and asked him for permission. Dad, being the old traditional bugger that he is, loved that he had done this and, if I’m honest, I did too. I’m very old fashioned when it comes to marriage! We toasted the occasion the only way a couple should celebrate a Whitby engagement – with fish and chips and tea for two in Trenchers, a famous Whitby restaurant. Afterwards we sauntered down to the pier as future Mr & Mrs K, beaming and thinking up our perfect wedding day… and on 5th November 2011 at Danby Castle in North Yorkshire, what a perfect wedding day it was!
Little T’s first trip to Whitby

Whitby had always been special to me and my family but it now means a whole lot more. I can’t wait to tell Little T about my family trips there as a little girl and how the Abbey now holds an even more special place in mummy and daddy’s heart, being where our future as our very own new family started. 

Laura x

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  1. 17th May 2013 / 8:23 am

    This sounds so much like mine, I saw the ring I wanted, he bought it and it was just a waiting game.. He kept on with I’ll do it when its right, in the end he proposed on my birthday 🙂 lovely wedding photos!! I loveeee whitby too! X

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