Guest Post: Seaside Style

This week is Make, Do and Push! Mash-up week. As I’m on holiday by the sea (hopefully) relaxing, I’ve asked some lovely, talented, fellow bloggers to write guest posts with the theme “Seaside”.

To end the Make, Do and Push! seaside mash-up week, the fabulous Rhia from Virtual Rhiality has shared some of her Nautique (“Huh? Nautique?” see below) inspired style with us… Oh, if only I had all the money! 

So, the lovely Hannah has asked me to offer a guest post in her absence. She’s off to the seaside so that’s the hot topic around here and I thought today we would examine Seaside Style – for the home, our children and us girls. My sister and I have a running joke about this and how badly it can go wrong – take it too far and you can end up looking like Captain Birdseye. When you get it right it can of course be very stylish – chic even – so here’s what we came up with Nautical + chic = NAUTIQUE (I might copyright this term). When it goes wrong – let’s face it we’ve all seen that: we like to call it NO-TIQUE. 

Nautique for the home: East of India (a company I love – seriously nice ribbons) make some gorgeous nautical pieces which are sure to spruce up your home or just add something pretty to your bathroom if you don’t want to overdo it. Check out a selection here.

Coastal Home also has a fabulous collection of all out seaside style depending on what floats your boat (sorry!):

With summer right around the corner (we hope), there’s a lot to choose from right now and it’s readily available on the high street: I’m loving Next homewares at the moment and they have a cute selection of nautically themed items for all around the home too:
Don’t we all love spoiling our little ones?! My favourite place for children’s nautique by far is JoJo Maman Bébé. They have so much choice for nurseries, boys and girls. The quality of their clothes is gorgeous and the classic style is timeless (make sure you check out the entire site – some lovely maternity wear too)

Then of course there’s Nautique for us girls, personally I’m not a huge fan, so I would go for a nod to the style in accessories: here from Accessorize and Monsoon and this Kvanti silk scarf is loverly!
If you are more of Nautical Nelly than me then there are some gorgeous options out there and I think the king of Nautique has to be Ralph Lauren – I might even wear some of their stuff (if I could afford it!!)
I leave it up to you to decide where to draw the line between NAUTIQUE and NO-TIQUE but I’m fairly sure we don’t want to end up looking like THIS!

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