Guest Post: The Benefits of living by the Sea

This week is Make, Do and Push! Mash-up week, as I’m on holiday (hopefully) relaxing! I’ve asked some lovely, talented, fellow bloggers to write guest posts with the theme “Seaside”, as I’m holidaying by the sea.

The week kicks off with a guest post from the lovely Lauren over at The Real Housewife of Suffolk. She writes about the benefits of living by the sea – accompanied by some gorgeous photos. I had a lovely run on the beach last night, barefooted in the rain, whilst slightly tipsy on gin. But it definitely made me feel better after a long(ish) car journey. I imagine I’ll repeat that later – why am I telling you this? Because there certainly are benefits to living (or even being) by the sea! Anyway, Lauren, take it away!

I’ve grown up living on the Suffolk Coast. Something which as a child I probably took for granted. I always knew that we were lucky to have the beach right at our doorstep but it wasn’t until I moved away at 18 that I really appreciated just how lucky we really were.

After 3 years of living in Cambridgeshire we decided to move back to the coast to buy our own home and to start a family. It was important for us that our children grew up with the same experiences of summer life at the beach as I did. 

We would head to the beach as early as we could in the morning and spend all day there, going home, having a bath and getting into bed ready to do the same thing the very next day.

It was never boring.

We visit the beach as often as we can with our children. As well as the beach in our hometown we visit many of the beaches along the Suffolk and Norfolk Coast. I would love to one day be able to say I have visited every beach in this area.

I’ve taken a little bit of time to think about the benefits of living near the coast and visiting the coast:
Bonding and quality time: Running around after your children in the sand, swimming in the sea, building sandcastles, running away from waves, eating chips on a bench looking out to sea. These are a few things we enjoy doing as a family, and it’s wonderful looking at your children’s faces as they smile and giggle, confirming to you that they are enjoying this time just as much as you are.

Fresh air: It’s an obvious one I know, but you can’t beat a day out in the fresh air. Especially when it’s fresh sea air.

It’s always there: The beach isn’t just open in the summer, or when the weather is hot. I’m amazed at how empty our beautiful sandy beach can be just because maybe it’s slightly windy.  

There is no time limit: When you visit the Zoo (for example) you may feel you have to stay all day to make sure you’ve got your moneys worth. One thing I love about going to the beach is that we can go for, sometimes, just half an hour and it’s enough.

Building confidence: Last year we visited the beach a lot in the summer. My three year old, Charles, went through phases of being scared of the sea so I would encourage him to walk in there with me, or to just kick waves. Within no time at all he would be up to his waist, laughing, splashing and purposefully falling over so he could get as wet as possible.

The possibilities are endless: How many activities can you do down the beach? I lost count. Not only swimming, paddling, splashing, seeing how far you can throw stones and building sandcastles, but digging for treasure, seeing if you can dig your way to the centre of the Earth, taking toy diggers and cranes and setting up your own building site, searching for unusual pebbles and shells to take home and display. 

Education: It’s an easy and fun way to introduce your children to topics such as coastal erosion, sea defences, where different countries are, where we are on a map, animals that live in the sea and so on.

It’s suitable for everyone: Babies, toddlers, teens, adults, pensioners, boys, girls, ladies and men. Those that like to laze around and those that like to keep busy and active.

It clears your mind: I love going to the beach if I feel stressed or like I need a distraction from everyday life. Not only is it good to get the fresh air but the open space, the views out to sea can be really therapeutic. 

It’s FREE: Need I say more?


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