Make, Do and Push! Mash-up Week

Dear Readers

I’m on holiday next week with Nick, Busby and the In-laws, so I thought I would give myself a small holiday from blogging as well. We’re off to the beautiful seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk… not just for the gin tour, I promise!

So, in the spirit of a good mash-up I have some wonderful guest posts lined up for you. I gave all the guest writers the theme of “seaside”, and there are some wonderful, eclectic posts coming up in the next week – each one is totally different from the other. “What’s in your changing bag?” will still be happening on Tuesday, but with a mash-up twist, so stay tuned! 

I doubt I’ll be able to keep away for too long as my mind is constantly in writing mode… and I doubt I’ll be able to restrain myself from social media either!

Have a lovely week, and I hope you enjoy the Make, Do and Push! Seaside Mash-up. 

Ps. we’ve just got to Southwold and there’s NO WI-FI! Ahh! I’m currently sat in Costa typing this… I imagine they’ll be seeing a lot of me this week. Good job I’ve just signed up for one of their loyalty cards!

Today is the LAST day of voting for the BritMums BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. Make, Do and Push! has been shortlisted in the Fresh Voice category. Voting closes at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t voted yet and love reading M,D&P! then please please vote by clicking on the badge below. Thank you so much in advance!


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