Review: Mavala Nail Colour Cream

Nail Varnish vs Baby: Round 3
If you read Make, Do and Push! regularly you will know that I love painting my nails; it helps me maintain a sense of self. However, finding a nail varnish that actually stays on for more than a couple of hours with a baby is tricky! What with all of the sticky nappy tabs, overly frequent hand-washing, and general excessive hand usage. So I have been putting various nail polishes to the test to see who comes out on top: this is Nail Varnish vs Baby.

I received a bottle of Mavala Nail Colour Cream in my Brighton Blogger Meet Goody Bag. Let’s see how it fares up against Motherhood.

The colour I received is called “Sweety”, and is from the Mavala Pulp Colours collectionI must admit that initially I wasn’t hugely keen on the colour. I don’t really wear pink nail varnish very often, but you know what? Once the varnish was dry the colour was gorgeous! I was very impressed.

The polish went on very smoothly, and the first coat dried within 3 minutes. I had to apply three coats for a good finish; all in all this took around 12 minutes to dry completely. Not great when time is of the essence. 

As I mentioned above, I love the colour! It was beautiful. Also lovely and shiny.

Nail varnish vs baby?
This is where it all went wrong… I woke up with a chip the next day, and by the afternoon I had three big chips on various nails. Not great.  

Disappointing. The colour is beautiful, but the polish doesn’t last very long at all. The Mavala “Sweety” Nail Colour Cream retails at £4.50, and is available to buy at Boots.  


*I received a bottle of the Mavala “Sweety” Nail Colour Cream free of charge as part of the Brighton Blogger Meet Goody Bag. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*


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