BritMums Live is… Today!

Oh golly! In a few hours time I will be meeting some of the lovely Bloggers I’ve tweeted, liked, followed, and well, generally stalked, for the past nine months. Wow… that’s a whole pregnancy of blogging… Eek! 

Last night I painted my nails, put these crazy gold things (above) on my eye bags to make them tighter* (kinky) and had a relaxing bath. My mind whirred with excitement, fear and general busyness: 

“I need to remember to put the finishing touches to my BritMums Live schedule!” 

“Should I bring one of my Kirstie Allsopp books for her to sign, as I already own them all and don’t fancy shelling out unnecessarily for a new one?” (Kirstie actually tweeted ME this morning to say don’t worry, she’ll sign anything. Oh it’s a good day already!!)

“What if no one likes me and I have to eat lunch on Saturday all on my savvy in the corner, sobbing into my BritMums Live nosh?”

So fellow Bloggers – I can’t wait to meet you all! There will be 500 of us like-minded folk and I hope I get to chat to you all. Please come over and say hi if you see a lady with reddish-coral polka dot nails and a yellow bag looking slightly out of her depth. 

Catch you on the flipside!

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*They actually worked! Last night my eye bags were noticeably tighter! 

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