Guest Post: Our Sensory Herb Garden Continued

Continuing on from Nick’s previous garden post, I’ve asked him to write another one whilst I stress and sob about planning our wedding. So without further ado:

Recently(ish) I wrote a guest post on Make, Do and Push! about starting a sensory herb garden, and I thought I’d give a quick update on how things are going.

I have some mixed news to report. Sadly, the lemon thyme and basil plants haven’t made it (a moment’s silence please). They were, quite literally, stripped to their stalks by snails. Snails! The new bane of my life. As equally despised as the cats that have been digging up the flower bed and fouling the lawn. I should return to topic before this turns into a rant about the gastropod and feline interlopers in our garden (possibly watch this space for a guest Ranty Friday post on these abominable creatures!).

Continuing with more positive news, the remaining herbs are doing well. The parsley in particular is flourishing. I also purchased some sage which is doing well. Buoyed by this initial success with the herbs there have been a few more exciting additions to the garden. Hannah’s Mutti had started growing some beans and brought some seedlings round. These have been re-potted in our garden and have now grown over several feet tall round the bamboo canes. I’m hoping for the beans themselves to start developing soon. She also brought round some giant sunflower seedlings, which are doing well. I’m very much looking forward to these developing. Sunflowers are definitely one of my favourite flowers –  I challenge anyone to look at a sunflower and not smile! As a small aside I’ve used this really cool copper strip to deter snails from the bean and sunflower pots, (don’t stray back onto snails, don’t stray back onto snails….) which so far seems to be working very well *touches wood*.

Our final addition to the garden was purchased last week – a David Austin English Heritage rose. It has been replanted centre stage in our flower bed at the top of the garden. It looks great and smell amazing – Busby has had a good ol’ sniff and seems to approve; insofar as trying to grab the flower head and shove it in her mouth is a sign of approval. I’m fairly certain that’s how she shows she likes something; the teeth marks in Mummy’s nose definitely attest to this theory! At the same time as planting the rose, we also filled the rest of the bed with some daisies, which nicely complement the rose. All in all, the garden is looking much more spruced up.

Oh, and I also repainted the garden gate. There’s something intensely satisfying about jobs using your hands like that. You can happily get on with it whilst letting the majority of your mind drift off and think about other things; it’s almost meditative. Plus you get a nice shiny gate at the end of it all!

Making bread and gardening are similar – if ever you’re feeling stressed, just go and find something practical to do your hands and let your mind unwind. Nick’s top tip of the day! Anyway I’ve completely drifted off topic at a tangent so I’m going to wrap things up.

Enjoy the glorious weather this weekend and I hope you all get to spend some quality time outdoors.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Week #2 of “The Week That Was: Instagrammed”. You can catch up with Week #1 here and grab the badge to link up!

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  1. 13th July 2013 / 11:33 am

    What a beautiful rose, and it looks like you’ve got a good crop of strawberries on the way too! Have a lovely weekend.

    • 14th July 2013 / 4:26 pm

      Thank you 🙂 You too! xx

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