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Nail Varnish vs Baby: Round 6
It’s been a while since I’ve written a Nail Varnish vs Baby post – I’ve been having fun with colours recently as the weather has been so glorious, so haven’t wanted to commit to only having one colour on at a time.

I received a bottle of the Nail Girls London polish in my Brighton Blogger Meet goody bag back in April, which seems so long ago now! They visited each of our blogs and chose a colour that they thought suited our blog best. Such a lovely touch… AND they wrote us a lovely little message each.

Let’s see how the Nail Girls London polish fared up against Motherhood!

As I’ve said above, Nail Girls London picked this one out for me specially. The bottle says “Pink 9” on it, but I’m yet to find “Pink 9” on their website – however, it’s very similar to “Pink #5”. I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t overly excited by it. I like bright colours and I thought it was too subtle. But it’s baby pink, so I’m assuming that’s why they chose it.

Not great!
1. The brush is fine, but nothing special. It also makes the polish look fairly streaky.
2. As it’s such a pale colour I had to do three coats – and even then I could still see my nail through the polish.
3. It took ages to dry – I’m talking a good hour, ladies!
4. Oh and finally after all this, it still smudged; I wasn’t impressed at all – if I’d been a bit more hormonal I probably would have cried.

I thought it was so boring to start with. I couldn’t believe I’d spent over an hour painting my nails (and waiting for them to dry) to be stuck with slightly whiter/pinker nails. In fact, I hated it so much I added a Barry M Glitter polish over the top of the nail on my ring finger just to jazz it up a bit! However, as the week went on I grew to really love it. It would make the perfect Bridal polish if you wanted a subtle look on your big day.

Nail varnish vs baby? 
It lasted a good week! I was very impressed. Although, this achievement was slightly overshadowed by the fact that it had taken over an hour to dry. Not good when time is of the essence.

The colour is a bit boring, but if you want something subtle for work or your wedding then it would be perfect. I really wasn’t impressed that it took so long to dry, but it did last a long time.

The Nail Girls London polish retails at £10.50 and is available to buy on their website.

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*I received a bottle of the Nail Girls London polish free of charge in my Brighton Blogger Meet goody bag. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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