What’s in your changing bag? // Judith from Secrets of the Sandpit

Welcome to “What’s in your changing bag?”; my weekly Tuesday feature where I ask one Yummy Mummy (or Daddy) to share the innermost secrets of their changing bag, and the five items they couldn’t possibly live without!

This week we have an alternative “What’s in your changing bag?” to the usual, crumb-free post. I’m joined by the lovely Judith from Secrets of the Sandpit, who gives us a glimpse into her very real, rather full, changing bag!

Hi Judith – nice hands! Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Judith. I’m the one with the wedding and engagement ring in the photo. I work from home as a translator whilst looking after my two lovely children. In my spare time I write and cook up schemes to scrap school and reinvent it from scratch. As you can tell, I don’t really schedule in time for cleaning my house or my changing bag. The Baby (she’s the one with the cute pudgy fingers in the photo) was born in September 2012, and is utterly adorable and full of joy.

What would you say is your favourite thing about being a Mutti?
I love being allowed to be a child again myself; colouring pictures, clambering up climbing frames, making puzzles and eating sweets.

Having a child is definitely a great excuse to do these things. I can’t wait until Busby is old enough to do painting etc!
What would you say is the hardest thing about being a Mutti?
Having so much less time to spend together as a couple, especially not being able to go out together spontaneously. Also having a lot less time to spend by yourself.

Very true; I really do miss my “me” time every day.
What three words would you use to describe Motherhood?
Cold, over-stewed tea.

Yup; a hot cup of tea is a rarity in Motherhood…
Finally, how do you preserve/maintain your sense of self?
By writing mainly, and by generally being creative. I draw, knit, sing and play the violin – when I make time to do these things I feel more like me.

Wonderful – a fellow singer!
So, down to business; what make is your changing bag?

My bag is a Tippitoes City Bag from Amazon. Chosen for its unisex design, so my husband wouldn’t feel embarrassed carrying it around – and for the cheap price. It was £15.99. As a special gift to you, Reader, I have tipped out the extremely clean and well-organised contents next to it, so you can gaze at it in awe and feel better about the state of your own bag.

Firstly, for £15.99 it’s surprisingly nice!! Also, I’m very jealous that you still have your BritMums Live badge – they made me give mine back. Waah! 
So amongst the debris in your bag – what are the five items in your changing bag that you just can’t live without?
1. Dry shampoo. Washing my hair. Also something I wish I had more time for. Dry shampoo is essential for appearing at early morning toddler groups looking vaguely presentable.

2. Raisins. I always have raisins or rice cakes in my bag to keep my Toddler occupied in doctors’ or opticians’ waiting rooms.

3. A bib. Glutton for punishment that I am, I am doing Baby Led Weaning with the Baby. The bib has to come with us wherever we go to make sure she can join in impromptu meals out.

4. Baby toy. Toddler’s can find amusement everywhere, but a safe, chewable baby toy is not always to hand on the go, so I take one with me. (You question how clean the toy is after having been in my bag? Tsk. Study the pile more closely, you’ll see a pack of antibacterial wipes there somewhere.)

5. Change of clothing for the Baby. The bib is nice but just can’t beat the amount of mess my Baby is capable of creating. Change of clothes is necessary after most meals.

Thanks for sharing the contents of your changing bag with us, Judith! It was definitely an alternative to our usual!! Why do you have a disposable camera in your bag? Love it. 

You can find Judith’s blog here. She also tweets as @JudithKingston.

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  1. 6th August 2013 / 7:02 am

    We found the disposable camera in a box of papers while clearing out the loft and it has been in my bag for a year – I keep meaning to have it developed to see what is on it.

    • 6th August 2013 / 8:46 am

      Haha – brilliant!! The film has probably gone funny now if it’s been in your bag a year 😉 xx

  2. 6th August 2013 / 7:11 am

    I love this! Mine looks much the same!

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