What’s in your changing bag? // Emily from Tea Lady Mumbles

Welcome to “What’s in your changing bag?”; my weekly Tuesday feature where I ask one Yummy Mummy (or Daddy) to share the innermost secrets of their changing bag, and the five items they couldn’t possibly live without!

This week I’m joined by the lovely Emily!

Hi Emily! Great photo! Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Hi I’m Emily! I’m 30 years old and a first time Mum to my Daughter, Nancy, who is now 8 months old. I have been blogging since January about parenting with some poetry thrown in for good measure. I love watching trashy TV, and am an avid book reader. I am a tea drinker extraordinaire. I am trying my best to be more creative and crafty, and I have just discovered the wonders of a slow cooker. 

Fabulous – we are a serious tea household too!
What would you say is your favourite thing about being a Mutti?
My favourite thing about being a Mummy is the satisfaction I get seeing Nancy grow and develop; it’s a good feeling to feel like I’ve had a hand in that. She is an amazing little thing, seeing her crawl, sit up, reach and grab for things for the first time was so exciting. It’s hard to believe that you made this person!

It amazing!
What would you say is the hardest thing?

The lack of sleep… and seeing your baby upset or in pain (teething) and not being able to make it better. When she looks at me, with such sadness in her eyes, all I can do is hold her, rock her and let her know I am there for her. Lack of sleep is so hard – I knew it would be difficult but it hit me like a train when I had her. Sleep is something I miss! 

It is difficult. 
What three words would you use to describe Motherhood?
Selfless. All-consuming. Loving.

Great word choices!
How do you preserve/maintain your sense of self?
I have been trying to achieve this for a while; ‘Me’ time is something I have started to try and get. Bubs spends time with a family member and I get some time to myself, which up until this point, was spent watch Breaking Bad. 

I write my blog for myself, and it is my outlet for my feelings and how I am doing. I am going through a bit of a transition look/style wise; I am feeling more confident in many ways, and I am starting to try and buy clothes that I like, and not worry so much what others think. My weight is something I am concerned about and trying to sort out. I really do need to get my hair cut though – I haven’t had it cut in a year! However, I feel I can do all these things in my time and don’t feel in such a rush. I feel complete as a Mum, I am happy with who I am, I just want to tweak a few things for myself more than anyone else.

Sounds like a plan! Finding time to do these things is so difficult; I’m in desperate need of a haircut too. 
So the last question, before we find out what’s in your changing bag; if you could share one piece of Motherhoodly wisdom with us all what would it be?
I would say follow your instincts or your gut feeling – it is usually right. People will unintentionally try to make you do things their way and you need to be prepared to take a moment to think about it, and not get dragged along somebody else’s path. I have learnt that nothing is right or wrong, and that it is your choice how you do things. People may not agree, and comment, but stand firm to your beliefs and how you want things to be done. It was really useful to read blogs, books and information online (from sites such as NHS direct) to help me in making choices and decisions, and to ask others what they did, or have done. In the end I have worked it out for myself, and I think I haven’t done too badly!

I totally agree – great advice Emily!
It’s business time: what make is your changing bag?
My changing bag is a Pacapod Oban. We bought it when I was pregnant and at the time I didn’t really think I needed one(!). Dan said I couldn’t get a nice pretty looking one as he would be embarrassed walking around with it… So black it was!

Ooh I am so jealous of your Pacapod.
What are the five items in your changing bag that you just can’t live without?

1. Muslin Square. If I don’t have one of these with me, I panic. They mop up food, sick, drink, snot, shading from the sun – they are versatile and so useful. 

2. Bibs. For messy eating times out and about… and for when teething and drooling is at its most dribbly! 
3. Teething Bonjela Gel. If I have this with me, I know I’m safe. Poor Bubs is suffering terribly with teething so if we are out and she gets grouchy, I know I can soothe her slightly.
4. Wet Wipes. Essential for nappy changes, cleaning up babies hands and faces, your own hands if you happen to have eaten a jam doughnut…
5. Dummy Steriliser. This invention is ingenius. You pop your dummies in here to sterilise for 15 mins. I always keep one in there, and another out, so I always have one usable. Not having a dummy and being out of the house = disaster!

Thanks for sharing the contents of your changing bag with us. It’s all about Bonjela Teething gel!  

Emily blogs over at Tea Lady Mumbles and tweets as @EmilyTeaLady.


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  1. 29th October 2013 / 8:58 am

    I like this post, interesting to see whether I’m carrying waaaayyy too much compared to others!

    A changing bag is what you live or die by as a mum and I’m sure we’ve all felt that panic rising when we’ve rooted around and can’t find a bottle or nappy!

    • 29th October 2013 / 8:21 pm

      Thanks 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to feature at all, as I do this post weekly! xx

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