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Today I’m joined by the lovely Caroline, who had her son a few days before I had Busby. She’s an amazing woman and this is her story.

Caroline Moore is a 20 something from Wiltshire who, before having children, was chomping at the bit to climb the career ladder. The answer to this in her line of work was to spend her evenings studying for the next degree. Suddenly marriage and children took over her brain, and nothing compares to Motherhood. She still struggles with something to do in the evenings and has turned her attention to selling children’s books in her spare time.

I was the girl in her teens that didn’t want to grow up. I remember having a stern word with myself when I was 13 to stop wanting to play with toys and be like everyone else and go and play with the boys! Once puberty took over I turned my literary attention to romance novels and dreamt of finding my prince. Suffice to say I found a prince at 17 and lived happily ever after (ish, life was never going to be easy!) and in my mid 20s I didn’t want anything else but a mini football team which we have successfully started.

In becoming a mother, I have immersed myself back into toys and books and just love how easily you can transfer yourself from a life of bills and rainy days to a life of bear hunts and figuring out how that little boy is going to get everything out of that damn tree!! To make my 9-5 more bearable, I’ve taken on the role of ambassador for Barefoot Books and I’m getting more books to sell through my online shop Imagination Adventures, which I envisage to have books with less words and more beautifully illustrated books to get the imagination cogs going. My dream is to get more children passionate about books like I was, and still am, so I’ve set up a book club online and in the local community. In the local community I want my club to be a place where children bring their current favourite book to share with everyone else, to borrow from my unique library and for parents to discuss how their children reacted to the book of the month which is specially selected to get children’s thinking caps on. Since money is an issue for some parents, I hope that I can get schools on board with the book clubs so that I can continue with getting books into the hands of more children.

My online blogging community needs more bloggers to share their children’s reactions to the books, so if you like the sound of the club please get in touch. Get in touch also if you would love to sell children’s books; Barefoot Books are still after more ambassadors and I would love to have you on my team.

You can find me here:

Thanks Caroline!

Tomorrow I’m joined by a lady who has been an amazing help and inspiration to me in my journey to become self-employed. She’s a superstar!

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  1. 7th February 2014 / 7:15 am

    Children’s book clubs sound so cool, my daughter loves books, we’ve been reading the Gruffalo to her since she was still in my tummy, the idea that she could share her favourite books is brilliant. She’s starting to read quite independently so I’ll take a look at your site for some new reads for her.

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