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It’s day three of Inspiration Week and I really hope that you’ve all been enjoying reading about these fantastic women! If you’re wondering what Inspiration Week is all about you can find out more here.

Today I’m joined by the lovely Chelle, who has assisted me in my escape from my “safety net” job to the dream of Writer! She’s a huge inspiration for me.

Chelle is mama to a feisty red head called Fizz wife to Gav. Since 2009 Chelle has been on a massive career and life changing journey – first being a mama then returning to work all while blogging her journey. After returning to work she knew she couldn’t really work the full time 8-5 that she had been pre baby. Here is what she did about it…

I returned to work to a lot of changes. My department had undergone a restructure and, to be honest, things had changed so drastically my return to work wasn’t really exciting. Instead I felt a bit destroyed by it. I opted to work part time hoping that would give me a bit more balance. During this time I shouted out for any bits of work companies I had reviewed for needed; quick Virtual Assistant (VA) pieces I could do around Fizz’s naps, and with the blog, I developed many online friendships who also shouted out about me too. A few months after returning to work Cara (snoozeshade) sponsored me to go to a mumpreneurs conference. I have to say her faith in me really boosted me/my confidence as well as it kickstarting my freelance journey. It was at this event that I met my first client TJ (bras4mums) and trialled my idea with her.

My idea was simple – I was running my own blog and social media well so why couldn’t I do this for other people. People I had reviewed for stepped up to have me help, and in December 2011 I took voluntary redundancy from my job to work for myself. I was working pretty much full time on social media.

The reason why I managed this? I blogged from pregnancy to beyond. Becoming a mother opened my creativity and my want to do something worthwhile. With nursery fees being £800 plus a month it seemed silly to only be making £200-£500 from a job I didn’t enjoy when I could be making that from home flexibly and spend those special moments with my daughter.

To say it has been easy is wrong. I love my job but those first few years did have an impact on my marriage. Gav was left behind a little as I worked nights and weekends just to get myself off the ground. It’s only now, 4 years in, that we have some kind of balance with my work. Now I work part time – my 4 year old is in nursery 3/4 sessions a week and we spend afternoons watching movies, in the park or having adventures. I don’t miss any special moments and we are the best of friends.

I decided early on that I wanted Social Sparkle to benefit other mums like me. I only wanted to work part time and so I got a team together of work from home parents who have the same ethics as me. Social Sparkle works because we offer work at a fair price in exchange for flexibility around our families. To be fair, most approaches we have are from other parents just like us so they really do get it if a child is ill or you have to take a day off after a restless night.

So how has Motherhood inspired me?

It has made me more determined to get what I want and it has inspired me to be me; to be more creative and that being a parent actually opens up more doors than closes them. When people mention baby brain I never think of being forgetful, I always think about how open minded it has made me.

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Thank you so much Chelle!

Tomorrow I’m joined by another amazing Mama who has turned her world around!

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  1. 5th February 2014 / 1:55 pm

    That’s a great story Chelle. None of it is ever easy is it! I left full time work when my son was 8 because I felt I had missed out on his growing up/education. I thought he’d be pleased that Mum’d be at home but all he could say was ‘you mean I won’t see the rabbits, the dog and the cat any more? in a disappointed voice. I find we’re best doing it for ‘me’ because others don’t always appreciate our altruistic decisions (unless we hit the really big time I guess).

  2. 7th February 2014 / 12:43 pm

    I love your story Chelle. You show others that being a mum can be the beginning of some really great stuff. You really are a wonderful inspiration!

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