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If you read Make, Do and Push! regularly then many of you will know that I left my “safety net” of a job in the NHS last week to pursue my dream career as a Writer.

Whilst on maternity leave I knew that I didn’t want to go back to my role as a Business Manager forever, so began to make connections and forge relationships that would mean, at some point, I would be able to leave and work for myself.

Writing is what I love; I always have done from a very young age (although I mostly wrote stories about horses back then). I’m so happy that Motherhood has gifted me the bravery and empowerment to be able to start a new career for myself; I figure that if I can push a baby out of my nether regions, which is probably the most terrifying and painful experience of my life so far, then I can do anything.

Becoming a Mama made me realise that I don’t have to settle for anything, especially not a role where I felt my creativity and “self” were being restricted. Motherhood has given me the empowerment to go forth and create.

So, this week is Inspiration Week – I’ve asked some wonderful Mamas to contribute a guest post every day talking about how Motherhood inspired them to change their lives and turn their worlds around. I hope that you’ll feel inspired and enjoy reading about these amazing women.

Without further ado, I give you one of my favourite Tweeps, the fantastic Jenny from KyNa Boutique.

Jenny is the owner of KyNa Boutique, an online children’s organic clothing store. Her evenings are mostly spent talking to customers, packing orders, finalising future collections and finding new talented designers to work with whilst clutching a white wine spritzer. Her days are spent wrestling her 3 young boys: Kyle (8), Nate (3) and Hugo (1).

Motherhood has changed me like you wouldn’t believe, well actually if you are a mother you would. It’s not like when you get pregnant you expect your whole life to change, maybe it would be tweaked a bit, but I don’t think you can ever be prepared for being hit slap bang in the face with everything that it brings with it.

Before children I worked in management in the financial services industry and spent many hours working late, travelling miles and sleeping in hotels. I was happy, well I thought I was.

When Kyle came along it all changed, I was suddenly responsible for someone else. I was no longer happy spending hours on the road, I became the mum who would leave as soon as the day was over wanting to go home to her little boy.

It’s not that I was no longer career driven, I still had the urge to do more, but I had my limitations. I would not let my little boy down and I wanted to be there with him to help him learn and grow.

I spent 5 years juggling motherhood and working a 9-5 job and I missed so much time with my little boy that I will never get back.

When Kyle’s brother Nate came along, I had already decided that I needed to do something else. I wanted to be there when my children needed me and to attend christmas concerts, help out in school, do all the things I would have turned my nose up at in my past life.

This is when KyNa was born. KyNa is something I’m passionate about. All my children have eczema and I had found that organic cotton helped but wasn’t readily available on the high street so I thought why not. It started with all the brands I love and had been dressing my boys in; I wanted to share what I had found and give myself something to focus on, to still be me and use my mind for something other than being a mum, while still being a mum.

My boys have been my inspiration, if they had never had eczema I would have never come across the idea. It’s not just about selling awesome clothes; it’s about helping people, using my experience with eczema to make it that bit easier on another child, building relationships and friendships.

I can honestly say I have never looked back, I’m doing something I enjoy; I’m there when my children need me. I’m not saying its easy – believe me it’s not – but if you are passionate about something then you can always make it work.

You can check out KyNa boutique at We’re also on Twitter as @kynaboutique and Facebook.

Thank you Jenny!

Tomorrow I’m joined by an inspirational, book loving Mama!

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  1. Anonymous
    3rd February 2014 / 8:32 pm

    Jenny u r one wonderful lady and mama love u all xxx nana jean

  2. 3rd February 2014 / 9:43 pm

    Ahh nice to meet the face and story behind the business I see popping up often on twitter 🙂

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