Inspiration Week // Sophie’s Story

Welcome back to Inspiration Week! We’re on day four here and I’m loving reading everyone’s amazing stories – are you?

Today I’m joined by one of my favourite Bloggers, Sophie, who writes about how Motherhood changed her career forever.

Sophie is a francophile Brit, living in London after 12 years on the French Riviera, she is wife to a Frenchman and mum to two Franglaise daughters. A former language teacher and marketing/PR professional, she is now a childminder, blogger and writer of bilingual children’s stories. is about pregnancy, birth and beyond, the French and English way.

I had my first daughter in France in 2006 and L went to a childminder 4 full days a week from the age of 3 months, which was hard, despite this being the usual time to go back to work in France after maternity leave. In 2010 Hubs and I made the decision to move to the UK for greater career prospects and to be closer to my family. I was working 5 full days a week, and this time we had a live in au pair to help out with childcare (as the cost is extortionate in the UK in comparison to France!). 

I was enjoying my job, and L was older and at school so I didn’t feel I was missing out on too much, though I hated never being at the school gates. I got pregnant with C when L was 5, and I went on maternity leave at the end of L’s year in Reception. Suddenly I was getting time to spend with my daughter, and I was really enjoying it (for the most part!), the world of work suddenly seemed so far away, but I knew that I wanted to work as well as needing to financially.

Our second daughter C was born just before L’s 6th birthday, and I absolutely loved every second of being with my two girls. I’d always said I’d go back to work when C was 6 months old, but the time was flying, and I just didn’t feel ready to be out of the house at work from 8am until 7pm for 4 or 5 days a week.

As the time to return to work got closer I started to look at other options, and the one that really appealed was retraining as a childminder, so I could look after my girls, look after two other children who would be playmates for my daughters, and get paid for it. It required a lot of work on my part – a lot of research into what it entails and the legal side of it all, then 12 hours paediatric first aid training, a 40 hour training course about setting up a home-based childcare business (including learning to detect abuse in children), and a gruelling 4 hour Ofsted exam/inspection. 

I got my Ofsted registration last summer and I now look after two babies (on different days) who play with C, and a 4 year old girl after school who is L’s playmate. The flexibility of this work also gives me time to further my two other areas of interest – writing my blog and writing a series of bilingual children’s stories called “The adventures of Elodie”, the first of which will be out soon. I couldn’t be happier; I work for myself, I spend my days with my daughters, I have a great relationship with the children I childmind and their families. I really feel like I’ve finally got it all.

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Fantastic! What an inspirational post – thanks Sophie!

Tomorrow I’m joined by a Mama who turned to photography when she became a Mama.

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  1. 6th February 2014 / 9:56 am

    Thanks lovely for inviting me to feature in your great inspiration week!

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