Embracing the Change From Summer to Autumn

Summer is almost over so soon you won’t be able to sit out on lovely sunny evening with a lovely pint of whatever takes your fancy, your toes in the grass and your sunglasses on. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up and venture indoors by any means – although sometimes its better to stay in, listen to the rain pour down against the window and have a nice cup of hot chocolate, but maybe that’s for a bit closer to the Christmas period.

If you do have to venture out into the late Summer/early Autumn air though, then you need to make sure you are ready for those chilly evenings. You don’t need to fully accept that Summer is over by any means, you just need to ensure that you’re ready for the changeable weather conditions.

This Primaloft Jacket, designed by 66 North, was designed with the cold in mind. It was also designed using the inspiration of the harsh, cold conditions of Iceland, which are responsible for creating these amazing glaciers. The insulation in this jacket is 100% PrimaLoft microfiber, which wind resistant, water repellent, soft and very lightweight.

If its not cold enough yet, but you want to keep yourself from being slightly chilly, then this kimono from lastashop.com may just be for you. It also has glimpses of summer in the design, so if you really want to hold onto summer, then this is a must!

Now, if its get really cold, then you need this. Nobody likes cold ears and with this Kaldi Arctic Hat cold ears will be a thing of the past. The hat is made from 100% virgin wool and will definitely keep you warm and cosy. The hat is designed by 66 North, and is unisex, which means you can always rob it from your spouse if you’re feeling a bit chilly!

When it comes to winter time, you can’t leave the house without gloves. These gloves, designed by 66 North are the ideal pair to keep you warm. the gloves are knitted and as well as keeping you warm, they are also very soft, versatile and fashionable. They are made from a Wool and Cotton blend, which makes the gloves soft and the gloves also feature the classic Mundi design print.

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