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Today I have a guest post from one of my favourite blogging buds – Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy!

When hubby and I got married on 2006, we didn’t actually have a budget. This meant everything had to be a cheap as possible. Obviously I didn’t want it to LOOK like a budget wedding though! So here are my top tips for getting spliced without breaking the bank.

1. Venue: We didn’t want a church wedding, but the thought of the local registry office, didn’t fill us with much joy. We travelled around and found a stunning registry office a few towns away. It even had stained glass windows and was situated next door to a church, which proved somewhere pretty to have our pictures taken. You can get married in any registry office, not just your local one.

2. Cake: Wedding cakes can cost hundreds, if not thousands. I couldn’t bear to spend that much on something that just gets eaten, however pretty it is. I bought three plain white iced cakes from Tesco (ranging from £8-£15), borrowed a cake stand and decorated them myself with ribbon, pearl pins and our bargain ebay cake topper.

3. Flowers: This is another area that can be a huge expense. I went into a local florist to discuss buying flowers, so that I could make my bouquet, two smaller bridesmaid ones and a couple of button holes. I got chatting to the ladies and walked out with the flowers I needed, arranged by the florist and delivered on the day for £40! Now I am not saying you will be that lucky, but it is worth talking to the florist to see how they can help cut costs.

4. Dress: There are so many bargain dresses around. Whether it is getting one made from scratch or finding that shop sale or Ebay bargain. Shop around and you WILL find something you love. My dress was £1,000 reduced to £200. I then paid £90 to get it taken in 2 sizes. Still cheap!

5. Transport: Unless you want something specific, you could always ask friends with nice cars to drive you. A lovely ex work colleague drove me to the registry office in her posh Range Rover, which saved us a lot.

6. Decor: So many bargains can be found online if you have the time and patience to keep looking. Our invitations were on sale and I also bought favour bags and lots of other bits for the table from various online sales.

7. Reception: Consider a more relaxed vibe. We got let down by our venue two weeks before our wedding, so had to find a new venue. We contacted a pretty village pub and ended up having a BBQ on the terrace under a canopy of sparkly lights and paid considerably less than in the hotel we originally booked.

8. Friends skills: Consider asking friends if you can utilise their skills. You may know a talented photographer, or someone capable of videoing your day. So much money can be saved by getting friends involved and I think it would be a nicer day surrounded by friends.

9. Change the day: Consider getting married during the week, there are lots of savings on most things wedding related if you avoid weekends!

10. Think of the numbers: Be really strict with your guest list. Do you want to spend £30 a head on people you don’t really know? We had 14 guests at our ceremony and wedding breakfast. Then more in the evening, but still kept the numbers under 60.

So here are a few ways that can help to keep the costs down. Focus on the most important things to you and spend the money in these areas, but there are so many bargains to be had if you are tenacious enough to hunt them out.

Aby tweets as @youbabymemummy.


  1. 30th September 2014 / 7:20 pm

    Looks ace – we had a budget wedding too! Our colour scheme was turquoise and purple so your tables look similar to ours!

  2. 18th October 2014 / 9:03 am

    Some fab tips here! We had a budget wedding earlier on this year. My wedding dress cost a whopping £20 (a designer gown sold in our very rural charity shop – it had such a low price because they didn’t think it would fit anyone – I did have to crash diet but I squeezed into it!)l my husband’s Debenham’s suit, brand new, also from the charity shop for £3. My wedding bouquet cost £7 since I made it from recycled paper – origami flowers with buttons for the centre, and twisted wire salvaged from the village bonfire (the £7 was for the metal varnish for the ‘stems’). Mostly everything was handmade from bits and bobs from the charity shop or borrowed from the local theatre company for our special steampunk wedding day. It was magical 😀

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