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I’ve handed over the proverbial blog reins to Petra from A Mum Reviews today. She shares her top tips for a stress-free wedding day.

Your wedding day is supposed to be your special day but it seems most brides are too stressed or worried about things going wrong or pleasing other people that they don’t have the time to properly enjoy their own weddings.

The first thing I decided about our wedding was that my husband to be and I were going to have a lovely day that we had time to cherish and enjoy so I planned the rest around that. We were going to do it our way and not worry about what other people wanted. No stress allowed!

My main tip for a stress-free wedding is to plan ahead and to think about what you think is important and point out the things that you might get stressed about on the actual day and sort these issues out in advance.

Some examples:
• Are you worried about the food? Pick dishes that are straightforward and don’t easily go wrong and get a caterer that you’ve tried and trust.
• Maybe you are worried it will rain on your wedding day and you want to have a summery ceremony outdoors? Have a back-up plan and choose a venue that has a lovely (and big enough!) indoors bit, too. If being outside is very important to you, maybe you want to have a wedding abroad? Somewhere where the sun is a bit more reliable than in the UK.
• Concerned about your wedding look and what could go wrong there? Make sure you have an emergency kit with things like: spare tights, hair pins, deodorant, super glue (snapped heal!), concealer, hair spray, mints, nail polish, dental floss, plasters etc. Try your outfit on together with your accessories, shoes and all undergarments before the actual wedding day to make sure everything is right and have your hair and make-up planned so you don’t need to make any decisions last minute. • The guest list! We all know someone who might make a mess of an important event; someone who drinks too much or gets argumentative or causes unnecessary drama. Don’t invite them! It is your day and you can invite whoever you want. Don’t invite people just because you think you should; just because you’re related or they invited you to their wedding doesn’t mean you have to invite them.

When planning your wedding remember that it is YOUR day and it’s most important that YOU enjoy yourself and have the wedding that you want to have. Plan ahead, but don’t obsess, and have an amazing day!

The two things I was concerned about were being centre of attention (difficult to avoid as a bride, I know…) and having too many people and practicalities to worry about on the day to truly enjoy my wedding. I avoided these potential stress triggers by having a tiny wedding with only four guests, an intimate ceremony in Stockholm’s beautiful city hall (prettier than any church I’ve ever seen and I didn’t need to worry about venues or decorations), a meal and drinks for us six at a Lebanese restaurant (where everybody could choose what they wanted to eat) and then a night at a 5-star hotel for my new husband and I.

We are so happy we chose to get married our own way. We had a perfect and stress-free day – even with a snow storm and a father-in-law who got quite cold when it took me a bit longer than planned to find the restaurant…

Petra tweets as @amumreviews.

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