How to make niggles a thing of the past

However organised, prepared and omniscient you are, there are some things that will always find a way to niggle you. From the train doors closing just as you reach the platform to that coffee cup spilling all over your favourite work top just before a meeting with the boss.

Although there are no magic potions, spells or miracle cures that will see all your niggles banished to room 101 for good, there are a few clever ways to minimise their effect and even make some of the most niggly of niggles a thing of the past – as this video proves:

Family problems 
Trying to juggle work and family life is hard enough; throw an uncomfortable, pokey bra into the mix and many working mums will want to give up all together.

But fear not! There are bras out there that aren’t intent on causing you pain and distress. Triumph, for example, realised that by simply swapping the traditional metal underwire we all know and loath for a flexible silicone one, they’d transform the way bras fit forever.

As a result, they’ve encouraged other women to share their niggles and see what solutions they can come up with to help others – you can read more about it on The Huffington Post or share your thoughts via social media using #nigglefix.

Fixing your niggles 
As Triumph can’t tackle all life’s little annoyances alone, it’s up to us to do our bit to wipe niggles of the face of the earth and here are a few tips on how:
• Always spilling coffee down yourself on your way into work? Delay your coffee run until you’re actually in the office and then use the kettle in the kitchen – it’ll save you a few pennies and keep your clothes looking intact!
• Sick of losing socks in the wash? Pair them together before putting in the basket and place next to each other on the washing line or airer when drying so that you can pair them back up as soon as you take them in once dry.
• Got nowhere to put your used chewing gum and can’t see a bin in sight? Use a piece of scrap paper from your diary (perhaps a date from last week) or raid your purse for receipts to wrap it up in before using the next available bin to dispose of it properly.

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