Pets: One of the family!

With some big changes around the corner, we’re thinking about introducing a pet into our family; I know Busby would love a “mimi” cat, but Nick is rather allergic, so we’re looking at a hypo-allergenic dog. Insurance is always something one forgets when entering into a big life decision such as owning a pet, but the following article has been rather useful:

It doesn’t take long for a new pet to be considered as one of the family, a big part of life’s day to day routines and of course someone who we heap as much, if not more, affection on as we do our human family members. Puppies and kittens are cute and adorable when we first get them and as these family members grow up it’s always tempting to get them a playmate.

Having more than one animal in a household can be expensive though, especially if you don’t have pet insurance. Charities such as the PDSA have added very strict criteria for us to meet in order to qualify for free treatment and care and we generally don’t find out if we are eligible for their help until we need it.

Vet bills are never going to come at a good time and. Approximately 33% of UK pet owners (one in three) will visit a vet this year based on previous statistics so if you have more than one pet your chances of going will only increase.

Busby and Mutti’s pooch, Basil.

Insuring multiple animals 
Insuring all your animals on one policy need not be expensive though and companies such as More Than can cover all your pets for most possibilities you can read more details about their multi pet insurance from More Than today to find out more if you’re thinking of insuring more than one cat or dog it is a good place to start.

Choosing the right level of insurance is important and will ensure that unexpected vet bills won’t be quite as jarring.

Some pet insurance policies have limited time periods for any ongoing medical conditions to be treated within, which means that when that allotted time is up that particular condition will no longer be covered and you will have to pay any further costs yourself. However, if your policy has a ‘lifelong’ clause in it then your insurer will continue to cover the costs of care and treatment for most ongoing conditions for the rest of your pet’s life.

Other areas to be aware of when taking out pet insurance are age limits as some policies will only cover a dog up to the age of five. Agreeing to an ‘excess’ is one way to keep a premium down but beware not to agree to one that is too high as it may cause you a problem if or when you need to make a claim.

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