Pregnant with a Peppercorn // 13 weeks pregnant

This week I dreamt of Peppercorn. He was a he. He was a week early. He was beautiful. He was crumpled up. He smelt of newborn baby. He latched on straight away and my life felt complete. He was named something we haven’t considered yet during this pregnancy, but it suited him. This dream left me feeling warm and fuzzy all day – even Busby refusing to nap couldn’t ruin my newborn dream bubble.
13 weeks pregnant Peppercorn is as long as a pea pod or the size of a peach at 13 weeks, and weighs almost an ounce – and don’t I know it; this week my bump has well and truly popped! In fact, I felt it growing during the night, and I’m definitely feeling bigger… time to invest in a pregnancy pillow I think.
13 weeks pregnantThis week I’ve been craving salt and vinegar crisps, strawberry milkshakes, burgers, tuna, and M&S watermelon and coconut white tea! All really healthy food then… I’ve also found myself wanting lots of chocolate, and Busby’s birthday food mostly consisted of (homemade) chocolate cake and chocolate biscuits… Oops! Nick isn’t minding my constant date lunch (I can’t do date night at the moment, as eating past 8pm doesn’t make me feel very well) suggestions to visit the Handmade Burger Co. 
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I’ve been requiring almost daily naps, and I still have to eat as soon as I wake up to stop myself being sick. I have been sick one morning this week, which I put down to exhaustion as had slept really badly the previous night. I was hoping that the pregnancy hangover might cease at 13 weeks, but it hasn’t so far… maybe next week?

My 20 week scan letter came through this week, which was a welcome and exciting surprise, as I was under the impression I had to call up to book. We’ll be finding out whether my dream was right about the gender during the first week of February.

Must. Try. Not. To. Wish. Time. Away.

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